I'm Highly Disappointed in bareMinerals barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation

I'm Highly Disappointed in bareMinerals barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Yall!  I just can't believe how terrible bareMinerals newest liquid foundation is.  I had high hopes for it, and I was let down badly.

So here's the scoop.  I've been using bareMinerals products for several years now, mainly their foundation press powders and concealers.  I use to wear their loose foundation powders, but it was so messy and getting all over the place at my old residents, I didn't want my new house to have brown powder stains all over.

The first liquid foundation I experimented with about two years back was bareMinerals bareSkin® Liquid Foundation.  This foundation had my face looking super greasy, and the color match for my skin tone had me looking reddish orange.  Gross!

Now rewind to last week.

I needed to replenish my concealer from bareMinerals, so Michelle and I stopped by our nearest bareMinerals store to purchase more while we were waiting for Lauren to get out of school.

While walking in, a display table showcased the All-New barepro® Performance Wear Liquid Foundation.  Supposedly, this foundation is good for your skin, last 24-hours, breathable, and is a full coverage with a natural matte finish.  I was sold finding out this because I need makeup to cover my dark marks and last all day entirely.

I made both purchases of concealer, the new foundation, and brush used pacifically for this foundation then went on my merrily way.

I'm Highly Disappointed in bareMinerals barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Saturday, before the girls and I headed out to the Educator's Open House, I applied the new barepro® Liquid Foundation to my face.

After applying it on, my face looked so streaky with dark lines all over my face.  It wasn't blending in smoothly on my face at all.  My face looked like I was playing in dirty with makeup on.  I even used the foundation brush the store associate told me to use with this foundation.

I washed the foundation off my face and tried again, but this time using a makeup sponge for application.

My makeup looked a bit better, but my skin didn't feel like it could breathe, felt heavy on my face.  I had no time to redo my face again and went to the event as-is.

I'm Highly Disappointed in bareMinerals barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation  via  www.productreviewmom.com
My face after I blotted it with a tissue, and still was greasy

Within a couple of hours, my face looked greasy and felt so dirty like I haven't washed my face in days.  I walked around blotting my face to get the oil from the makeup off.  So embarrassing and annoying!  I couldn't wait to get home and wash that junk off my face!

And when I did get home to wash it all off, I noticed several pus-filled whiteheads on my forehead and cheeks that weren't there before I put on makeup.  I was livid! 😡

I went to bareMinerals a few days later, took that jar of mud back and requested a refund!

No longer will I be buying liquid foundation from them!  I'll stick with Makeup Forever from Sephora.

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Have you tried this foundation before?

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  1. Oh wow... That's a horrible makeup experience! I already have oily skin and still breakout at nearly 40 years old. That makeup sounds like my face would have erupted like a volcano. Thank you for sharing your experience with bareMinerals.

  2. Wow!!! That sounds horrible. I'm glad you were able to get a refund since it didn't work.

  3. Man, I know you were upset! Pimples after using a product is never a good thing.

  4. OMG! What the heck are they putting in their makeup to cause a reaction like that. I'm so sorry that you experienced that girl - what a nightmare.

  5. That's awful Lou! I used to luv their loose, but like you said, no matter what it gets everywhere... It seems like several brands are so quick to "get the new product out" that they don't test them enough on a consumer panel, instead of making a quality product, they are more interested in keeping up with the other brands!

    Hope your skin cleared up quickly.

    Take care darlin and have a wonderful and blessed weekend,