Repairing the Damage with OGX Beauty

Repairing the Damage with OGX Beauty  via

Hey Yall!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend enjoying the warm spring weather, and celebrating Earth Day on Saturday.

Earth Day, the girls and I unplugged and spent the day at the pool and did some outdoor fun at home meeting our new neighbors.

We need to start disconnecting from our electronics more often, so refreshing for the mind, body, and soul, feeling released from the shackles of our phones and electronics sucking our time dry.

Also, over the weekend, I made time for myself to have a mini salon day in the comfort of my home giving my hair a much-needed wash and deep conditioning.

My hair has been going through some rough times with heat damage since I've been wearing my naturally curly hair in heat straighten styles.

When my hair stylist does my hair blowing out my curls, I never have a problem with my hair losing the curl texture.  I would wear my blowout until it was time for wash day and back to my curly hairdo.

But, recently I was digging wearing my hair straight, so what I did was during wash days I'd bust out my blow dryer and flat iron, and repeatedly flat iron my hair when I saw signs of my hair reverting to its natural texture.

Boy, did I do a lot of damage!

My stylist had a chop off a lot of damage ends.

I was doing so well with taking care of my hair, but yet I messed that all up by burning my precious strands repeatedly with my flat iron, which by the way I need to toss that iron in the trash because it's no good, it doesn't get my hair straight without several passes.

Big no, no for my kind of hair.  And me using that flat iron almost every day!  What the heck was I thinking?

Well, my hair stylist hooked up my hair for our Southern California trip, she did a fabulous job with my hair lasting straight the whole trip.  Could be because California doesn't have humidity like the south, so my hair thrived well out there.

Now, fast forward back to my mini salon session at home this past weekend.

OGX Beauty came through for me when I needed them.  They sent me their new extra strength damage remedy and coconut miracle oil collection to try out and help repair the mess I created.

This collection is ultra-nourishing and rejuvenating formula targeting damaged hair with the secret of Maui.  This ultra-rich repairing blend with coconut oil, an essence of tiare and vanilla bean extract will help repair, soften and revive damaged strands.

OGX is one of my go-to hair products that I live by when it comes to washing and styling my hair.  Always have my curls popping, soft, full of life.  When I read it helps with damaged hair, I knew I need to start using these hair products ASAP to get my hair back on track!

Extra Strength damage remedy Coconut Miracle Oil Shampoo-  Shampoo is clear, a bit thick, and suds up well, cleaning all the build-up dirt from hair products.  Immediately after rinsing off the shampoo my hair felt stronger and looked thicker too, revealing my bouncy curls.  YES!!!

Extra Strength damage remedy Coconut Miracle Oil Conditioner- I love this conditioner, consistency is just right and has my hair moisturized after use.  The only problem I have is it needs to come in a bigger bottle; I'm heavy handed when it comes to applying conditioner in my hair.

Extra Strength damage remedy Coconut Miracle Oil- This oil is the truth right here!  A little goes a long way creating a more nourishing lushes locks, which makes you want to play in your hair all day.  I use this oil after I have twisted my hair on wet hair, then when hair is dry I untwist and use this oil for more added shine.

I must mention, the smell is like a tropical oasis of coconuts, and tropical fruits which will have you daydreaming of being on the beach in the tropics.  Smell is not overpowering but is just right for the spring and summer months.

Repairing the Damage with OGX Beauty  via

And my curls y'all, The Bomb!!!  OGX got my twist-outs back to healthy-looking, vibrant as ever!  Twist-outs lasting for days without me retwisting in the evenings, all I have to do is fluff out and go.

Repairing the Damage with OGX Beauty  via

Oh yeah, I just found out from a follower on Instagram that OGX has lotions too.

Say what now?  Why didn't I know anything about this?

I picked up myself a bottle of OGX intensely invigorating eucalyptus mint lotion at Target and yo I'm in love with that too!  I'm giving my current body care brand the boot, Bath and Body Works.  They've been having my skin all dried out, ashy, which makes me keep using their lotions and creams all throughout the day trying to hydrate my skin.  I need something I don't have to keep reapplying.  But I'll miss all those scents though.

Repairing the Damage with OGX Beauty  via

Once again, thanks OGX for bringing my hair back to life and helping me grab life by the coconuts and rock what I got, healthy hair again!

Disclosure- I was provided these products free to try out, all opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links. 

Have you ever suffered from heat damage?

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  1. I LOVE OGX products! And I always find coupons on them to help me save some money! I also use their products on the boys' hair! Yeah too much heat is not a good thing. I've been going back and forth between straight and natural. I haven't tried this variety before, so I will have to keep in mind the next time I'm at the store! Thanks and glad you guys had a good Easter!

  2. Great review, I haven't had the need of these products but will definitely keep it in mind if ever asked. Have a wonderful weekend and today we have pool weather but the pool won't be open for weeks.

  3. I just started using OGX and I'm loving it! I bought some of the Coconut Miracle Body Wash and it smelled yummy. I was thinking about purchasing this but I got the Shea products instead.

  4. I have super frizzy damaged hair. I could definitely use a product like this. I love the smell of coconut too, I will have to check this out when I go to the store.

  5. I have never heard of these products until now. However, I am loving your new look.

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