Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney

Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney  via

Hey Yall!  I can't believe I now have a 4th and 5th grader!  Where has the time gone?  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was walking them both to their preschool class in tears, not wanting to let them go, nervous of the separation.  I would call throughout the day to the school checking in on them making sure they were okay during their first few days in Pre-K.

Now, elementary school for them will soon be ending, and they won't be little girls anymore.  They'll be rolling with the big dawgs in middle school.  I'm so not ready for this!

The girls went back to school already on August 8th.  Before our trip to St. Croix, I did back to school shopping but didn't fully finish.

With the girls getting older, it seems harder to shop for clothes for them.  Their taste is changing, and those cutesy clothes they use to wear is a no go now, they want a more grown up look, especially Lauren.  Every outfit I picked for her she hated, she would tell me the clothes looked more for babies.  Or, everyone is wearing the same thing as her, she wants to stand out having her own look.

My girls are tweens, and being on-trend is of importance to them.  They want to be stylin' with the latest clothes.  Now, this to me sounds expense!

But you know what?

JCPenney always has affordable deals.  I go there often for my clothes, hair salon, home goods, JCPenney is the perfect place to buy my girls their school clothes.  Why didn't I think of this before?  I guess it slipped my mind!  Someone at the mall which I was voicing my frustration too about not finding the so-called "cool clothes" told me to try out JCPenney, she shops there for her teen daughter.

This past weekend, I took Lauren to find clothes hoping she find something to satisfied her taste.  The store was jam packed with back to school shoppers due to the latest deals happening now.

Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney  via

Great deals were going on with JCPenney's Arizona brands, so Lauren got several of the Arizona shirts and pants.

Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney  via

I was shocked to see Lauren grab pairs of Arizona jeans because she doesn't like wearing jeans due to them not fitting her well.  She's a curvy girl, and other stores don't sell plus sizes unless you go online.  JCPenny had several sections of plus size Arizona jeans for girls which make me and her thankful.

Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney  via
Lauren's look is so effortless.  I think her style is laid back chic.

And what make me even more ecstatic is the fact that JCPenney will donate $1 for each pair of Arizona Jeans sold to support the YMCA academic achievement programs and help all kids get ready for back to school.  This makes me proud to purchase Arizona jeans, knowing my purchase is making a difference in a child's life.

Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney  via

Even the JCPenney associates will have the opportunity to connect with their local YMCA by supporting summer camp activities, helping with youth programs, doing community cleanup, and tutoring or mentoring.

YMCA holds dearly in my heart; it helps keeps kids off the streets by having children joining enrichment programs.  YMCA was the place to be when I was growing up, so many fun things to do there.  Too bad the YMCA is not that close to where I live now because the girls would be going there after school.

Make sure you join the cause when you go back to school shopping by purchasing Arizona jeans.  JCPenny has $13 Arizona kids jeans and $17 Arizona jeans deal of this week's Penney Saturday.

Also, the best time to shop at JCPenney is on Friday and Saturday because that's when they have the best deals.  Make sure to get your Penney Fridays and Saturdays deals this August 19th and 20th.  You're so worth it!

Do you play Pokemon Go?  If so, JCPenney has an additional 15% off coupon for you.  Show the associate your app of your favorite Pokemon character.

Arizona Jeans are #SoWorthIt at JCPenney  via

I'm telling you; JCPenney will always be seeing me in their stores.  That's why I blog about them often.  They are my one-stop shop for the whole family.  Get our hair done, new outfits, and shoes, and we're stuntin'!  Once I buy a house, I'll be going to JCPenney to decorate my new home too.  I can't wait!

This post is in collaboration with JCPenney.  All thoughts and opinions are mine and Lauren's. 

Have you started your back to school shopping yet?

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  1. I wore a lot of Arizona jeans growing up. They were one of my favorite brands for clothing.

  2. I used to wear Arizona jeans when I was a young girl. I haven't been to JCPenney in a while though, however, you mentioned Pokemon Go so I may need to get there ASAP. I'm wrapping up school shopping now because school will be starting here the 1st week of September. #productreviewparty

  3. We don't usually shop at JCPenney but I should give them a try. Thanks for pointing them out!

  4. First of all JCPenney is my favorite store #bloggers4jcpenney so head over to the Facebook page and show off these lovely little ladies!!!! Back to school already, where did the summer go?

  5. Seems she selected a beautiful outfit and enjoyed her shopping experience...

  6. Aw, she looks cute. I can see how she is growing up right here on the blog. Cherish you time with them. It goes by so fast.

  7. Your baby girl looks amazing. I think it's great that JC Penny is donating to local causes.

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