My Top 15 Summer Bucket List

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List-  via
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Hey yall!  Have you been enjoying this hot weather we’ve been having lately?  The heat is a bit too much for me.  If I stand in it for too long it drains me out and make me feel like I’m going to pass out, so I have to make sure to stay hydrated and stay away from sugary drinks and sweets.  

This year I decided to create a summer bucket list.  I’m the type that doesn’t live by schedules, just do things by the spare of the moment but after looking at Paris’s blog and seeing her summer bucket list she inspired me to create one.  Hopefully I’m able to do all on the list but some stuff I’ve already done.

Well let’s get started shall we!  My Top 15 Summer Bucket List:

  • Road Trip- I’ll be doing my annual road trip to Memphis for my family reunion in July.  I was supposed to be road tripping it to San Antonio as well but change of plans; I’ll be flying out to Vegas a few days after Memphis.

  • Summer Reading- I’m not much of a reader as I use to be but I want to get back started with reading again.  The girls and I went to Barnes and Nobles and gotten books we would like to read over the summer break.  What I’m currently reading now is The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Power Users by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick.  I’m lacking when it comes to social media so I need some help stepping my game up and so far I’m learning quite a bit from this book.

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List- Summer Reading  via

  • Carnivals- The girls and I just went to a local carnival last weekend and we had a blast.  We spent our time there for 7 hours and it didn’t seem that long.  My girls were riding rides that were for older kids and Michelle managed to sneak on a fast ride without the ride operator seeing she was a little too short to be getting on.

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List- Carnivals  via

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List- Carnivals  via
I forgot to show you all this scary ride my girls went on this past weekend. You will never see me get on this ride. ...
Posted by Lou Martin on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

  • Outdoor Movies- The girls and I love outdoor movies!  We make sure to go to them every summer.  At our local mall they play a movie in the late evening each Saturday during the summer break.  You can check out what will be playing here.

  • Outdoor Concerts- I love outdoor concerts!  Pretty much every year the girls and I go to them.  We just recently were invited to a church sponsored outdoor concert and the girls and I had a blast!  Michelle and I danced near the stage and sang all the songs the band was playing.  What a great time!
My Top 15 Summer Bucket List-  Outdoor Concerts  via

Can you spot Michelle and I on stage last night singing #NeilDiamond? She had me go up there to dance and be close to the singers. That's one of the things I love about Michelle, she likes to have fun, let loose, and get the crowd going. If it wasn't for her I would've been sitting in my chair the whole time. Life is too short, you gotta get up have fun, and #dance. #forgwinnett #exploregeorgia #exploregwinnett #missloumae #atlblogger #outdoorfun #outdoorconcert #summerfun #nightconcert #pressplay
Posted by Louida the Blogger on Saturday, June 6, 2015

  • Get Ice Creams- The family and I favorite past time is getting ice creams at either Bruster’s Ice Cream, Cold Stone Creamery, or getting some ice cream from the grocery store to take home.

  • Go to the Beach- We kick started our summer at the beach in Destin Florida.  I don’t think we will be back to a beach again this summer though.  Plus I’m hearing about shark attacks and flesh eating bacteria- I’ll pass for now.
My Top 15 Summer Bucket List- Destin Beach  via

  • Summer Movies- We seen Disney/Pixar Inside Out and it was such a cute movie.  Now we are waiting to see The Minion Movie, the girls keep asking me when will the movie be in theaters, they can't hardly wait!

  • Shopping- I love shopping, seriously who doesn’t?  I’ll be looking for clearance summer clothes items and also I’ll be doing back to school shopping too.  Seems like summer is going by way too fast!

  • Donations- I’ll be doing some summer cleaning of our closets and donating a lot of our stuff we no longer wear or use.  You should see the girls’ room; it’s a mess because they have way too much stuff!

  • Visit Museums- My goal is to visit several different museums in Atlanta; so far the girls and I  visited Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum.  Love this museum, very empowering place that helped the girls learn about their history, past and present.
My Top 15 Summer Bucket List- Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum  via

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List-  Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum  via

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List  Center for Civil and Human Rights Museum  via
I think this is important to share.  This here is a Mapping of Political Freedom.  In dark yellow those countries has full political freedom, dark orange half political freedom, and red no political freedom.  I see a lot of red's here which is very sad. This means they have no civil or human rights.

  • Walk a Trail- The girls and I are members of Stone Mountain Park so we will be visiting there often and getting some exercise by walking the trails and maybe even the mountain itself.   Also, they have a duck ride there that we’ve been wanting to get on but it’s always sold out so we’ll need to get up early and make it there during the morning hours.

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List- Stone Mountain Trail  via

  • Swimming Lessons for the Girls- The girls take swimming lesson every summer to brush up on their swimming skills. 

My Top 15 Summer Bucket List-  Swimming Lessons  via

  • Spend Some Alone Time with Mr. M- Mr. M and I hardly ever spend alone time together due to our hectic schedules so I’m looking forward to spending time with him in Vegas!  Hmm…I wonder what mischief we’ll get into, LOL!

  • Just Have a Good Time- I want to make sure our summer is fun.  If we don’t get to do all the things we want that is ok, as long as we have a fun summer and create great memories together!

Do you have a summer bucket list?  If so, I would love to know what is on your list.

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  1. You have already done a lot and more fun stuff coming up! Enjoy Vegas and keep cool!

    1. Yeah, each week the girls and I do something fun. Thanks girl!

  2. Read your List earlier this morning and decided to get myself all the way together! Thanks for sharing and I am positive your girls are going to have the Summer of their dreams!

    1. Thanks girl! I hope this list helps you decide what you'll be doing for the summer.

  3. Road Trip and Beach we have knocked out. I was suppose to pay for swimming for my kids it's now July and I have been lazy smh. Social media is work...I have a VA for that funny thing is I can do it for others but hate doing it for me.

    1. My girls will be skipping out on swimming lessons in July since we will be doing traveling that month. Social media is hard work and I may need to get a VA to handle all of it like post content and getting my followers engaged.

  4. Girl, I'm right there with you on the road trips! I love them! I also hope to see Ms. Jackson this summer!

    1. I be loving road trips! Ms. Jackson concert is going to be off the hook!

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