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Your kids like to celebrate Valentine’s Day just as much as you do, but you may be disenchanted with the Valentine’s card options for your kids to take to school to share with their classmates.  There are some great options available, though.  Read on to find the best Valentine’s cards for your kids.

Cards with Extra Surprises


Many kids really enjoy being able to give some little gift with their Valentine’s cards, and the other kids certainly like to receive them!  Here are some great card options for your kids that include a little something extra:

  •          Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty has been a mainstay for little girls for many years.  This fun pack includes 30 student cards, a teacher card and lollipops to go with each Valentine.  They are suitable for ages over three.

  •          Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies – Another option for your little one is this set based on Tinkerbell and her friends.  There are 28 student cards, a teacher card and lollipops for each card.  Because they have lollipops, they are recommended for ages three and up. 

  •          Scooby-Doo – These fun cards feature everyone’s favorite crime-solving, Scooby-snack-eating pup and all his friends.  Every card has a slot for a sticker, included with the 34 cards, and each boasts of full color on both sides.

  •          Phineas and Ferb – These fun cards come 28 to a pack with teachers’ cards and lollipops for each card.  They are not recommended for kids under three, but everyone else will love them! 

  •          Kitty Valentines from Peaceable Kingdom – These cuddly Valentines offer 30 bonus kid-safe temporary tattoos and 30 cards that are printed with safe, vegetable-based inks.  They are recommended for kids over three.

Scratch’n’Sniff Valentines


Kids love scratch and sniff things, and there are some great Valentine’s Day card options from Peaceable Kingdom that smell as sweet as they look.  Here are some of the best-smelling Valentine’s cards:

  •          Chocolate Scented – Featuring cute cupcakes and other sweet treats, these cards come in a 28-piece pack with their own envelopes.

  •          Strawberry Scented – These cute cards feature hippie girls and sayings and come with strawberry-scented stickers for every card.  There are 30 cards and 40 scratch and sniff stickers in the pack.

  •          Cherry Scented – These adorable Valentine’s cards feature little puppies and kittens and come with cherry-scented stickers.  There are 30 cards and 60 scratch and sniff stickers in the pack.

  •          Grape Scented – Sporting cute and fuzzy hamsters, these fun cards come with grape-scented scratch and sniff stickers.  30 cards and 50 stickers are included in the pack.

Special Cards for Special People


Your child probably wants to make sure everyone has a Valentine’s card, so it just makes sense to make sure they have some cute cards for family and friends.  From cute little teddy bear cards to those sporting adorable puppies, Valentine’s Day cards for kids are available in many different styles suited for every kid and every family.  No matter how old they are, your kids like being part of things, and Valentine’s Day is no different.  

What type of Valentine’s Day cards do you get for your children?

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  1. I love making days like this special to my daughter.

  2. I remember picking out valentines every year for my classmates, I LOVED it and was very picky! This is a great list of options! Kristin @ MOMentous Moms

    1. Thanks Kristin! I loved picking out my cards for my classmates each year.

  3. I always loved handing out Valentine's day cards to my classmates! Always so much fun to go through the pack and decide who got which ones.

    1. Those were great times! Now I get to relive it with my daughters.

  4. My daughter is still a little young to care about what kind of Valentine I get for her daycare class, but I love the idea of scratch & sniff!

  5. I'm not sure if my first comment went through.

    Valentine's Day is my second favorite holdiday-- I love making DIY cards but these are some really cute options!


  6. I remember helping my sons make their cards...oh, how I miss those days!!!!

    1. My girls were just doing their cards last night. Soon they won't be doing them anymore since they are getting older. Kids sure do grow up fast!

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