I Don't See Heaven by Jennifer Adan- A Children's Book Review

I Don't See Heaven by Jennifer Adan- A Children's Book ReviewWhile we're stuck here during the epic ice storm of 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia, I took this opportunity to relax
with my family and enjoy some good reading.

Last week I was contacted to do a review of a new Children's Book called "I Don't See Heaven" by Jennifer Adan.

My daughters and I sat down to read the story together about a little girl named Isabella taking a plane ride with her family to visit her Grandmother.  She becomes sad on the plane because she felt her deceased Grandfather had lied to her because he told her she would be able to see Heaven- where he is currently with God now.

Isabella parents had to comfort her and explain how to keep love alive after death and her Grandfather love lives inside her and they'll see each other again.

My daughters and I really enjoyed this story and helps explain to them what happens when a love one passes away.  Currently they haven't experience death within the family so this story helps them to be prepared once it does happens. This is a beautiful story and I love the illustrations.

About the Author- Jennifer Adan is a songwriter from San Francisco Bay Area who has written hits such as "She Wouldn't Be Gone" for Blake Shelton.  Jennifer currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.  This book is her debut book.

About the Illustrator- E.A. Morando is a self-taught illustrator who has studied music and is currently a middle school music teacher.  She is from the San Francisco Bay Area and loves photography and making homemade greeting cards.  This is the first book she has illustrated.

I Don't See Heaven by Jennifer Adan- A Children's Book Review

I Don't See Heaven is available in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles.

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  1. I just got this book in the mail today for review. I have my 4 and 6 yr old grandchildren spending the night tonight. I can't wait to read it to them!

    1. It's a great children's book Marsha. It really helps to explain to kids about death in the family.

  2. this sounds like a great book for children.Though my son is still 15 months,he likes when I read books for him.Sure,he'll like this book too if the illustrations inside are beautiful....

  3. Aw, that sounds like a great book for helping children understand what happens when a loved one passes. Good book to keep in mind for the younger children I know.

  4. Anonymous12:05 PM

    This sounds like a helpful aid to gently explain death in a way children would be able to grasp.

  5. ooooh, I miss reading to my sons when they were little!!!!

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