Ampro Pro STYL Olive Oil Gel Review. Does it Flake Your Hair?

Ampro Pro STYL Olive Oil Gel
Ampro Pro STYL Olive Oil
I became so excited when I heard Ampro came out with an olive oil gel!  I have always used their
brown gel back in the days and it always gave me great hold when my hair was relaxed but back then it contained alcohol which is not good for your hair.

I was using the Eco Styler Olive Oil gel but that mess flaked up my hair and made it look like I had dandruff! 

I bought the new Ampro gel at my local beauty supply store and couldn't wait to try it out on my hair!  I use it like all my other gels I've used, use it on my two strand twist to get the hold I need with my twistouts without the crunch and flakes.

Well.....after using this product I'm highly disappointed!  It did give me a good non-crunch hold and also shine, but......I HAD WHITE FLAKES!!!!!!  UGH!!!  I thought maybe it was because of the other products I used on my hair but that wasn't the case because I gave the Ampro gel another shot on naked hair with same results.  What a downer!  I even used it on both of my daughter's hair with the same flake results.


Is Ampro Olive Oil Gel Worth a Try?

Nope!  Now it is collecting dust in my hair drawer.

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  1. If you're open to it, we'd like to work with you to understand why you were getting flakes with this gel. I know I'm late to the post, but it's still up. :) if you'd like to take me up on my offer, email us at

    1. Hey Cam! Thanks for contacting me! I would love to learn how to stop the white flakes so I'll be contacting you today.

  2. I bought this gel and after washing my hair and using it my hair got all flaked up I couldn't believe how flaky it was I had to comb my hair with a towel around my neck so it couldn't get on my clothes so then I had to rewash my hair I thought I was really going to like this product 🙁

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