4 Ideas To Help Save Money Renting an Apartment

4 Ideas To Help Save Money Renting an Apartment

Have you been excited to finally call a space your own or one that you can decorate and enjoy however you'll like? There is nothing like becoming excited to have your apartment. 

That said, the process of saving for an apartment is daunting. The prices in your area might be as if you can’t afford it, but with a few tips on saving for an apartment, it will happen. There is a lot of patience involved, and below are few ideas to help you.

1. Begin With A Goal: Whenever you dream of getting something done, you’ll want to set a clear goal for yourself. Saving up for an apartment is no different because you are saving for a specific purpose. You don’t want to go into savings with a vague mindset of building up savings. You need to be incredibly specific, and the more likely you can, you are more effectively budgeting what you need. 

For example, you want to determine how much you can afford for rent each month. You’re able to do this by looking at your rent that is no more than 30% of your monthly income. 

So let’s say that you are earning around $4,000 a month; you should look into paying no more than about $1200 per month. You’ll want to have a bit more than that before you sign an apartment lease. You’ll need a bit to cover your deposit, and it’s also helpful to have a few more savings stored away to cover apartment expenses, new furniture, or utility bills that might be occurring each month. 

2. Choose A Commuter Location: When looking for an apartment, you want to also factor in the distance between where you’ll be the most and the new apartment before signing a lease. Whether you are renting or moving, the shorter the ride to work, the more you’ll save money.


Considering the average commute time and accessibility to a major highway is also something you need to see. Consider the cost of public transit compared to the price of gas as well. Choose a less popular but well-connected neighborhood if your work is on the outskirts of a city area. Look into public transportation if you are living in a busy area of town. 

3. Lower the Cost Of Spending: One way to help you save money is lowering your costs. While some of these might be a tough choice, it’s good to prioritize what is important to you in life and what you are willing to give up to bring you closer to reaching your goal of having an apartment. 

An example is going out to eat. Take a look at your monthly dining out costs, and you’ll probably have a minor panic attack. Spending unnecessary money on food instead of eating at home makes a difference. 

If you can eat a few meals at home per night, that can go a long way towards building money towards an apartment fund. If you need to dine out, look into specialized loyalty rewards or happy hour deals to help you not spend as much. 

Subscriptions are also another place where you can free yourself from options. While their services can be a convenient way to access entertainment, saving for an apartment might also cause you to look at which ones you could do without. 

Canceling a $10 per month subscription isn’t going to supercharge your savings right away, but it can have a real impact overall over the next few months. 

4. Furnished Apartments: One way to also help save money on an apartment is to look for an apartment that comes fully furnished to help save money on moving and purchase new items for this home. 

Furnished Apartments Atlanta comes highly recommended in the peach state and offers various services to help you, especially if it’s your first time renting an apartment. They have short-term rentals, corporate housing in Atlanta as well as extended stay. Check them out today and see if they would be a good fit for your commute, budget, and location. 

When it comes to looking for an apartment, a few of these money-saving tips can add up in the long run as long as you set realistic and goal-oriented ideas to assist you along the way. Some of these goals can be weekly goals, monthly goals, or even six months goals to help save money and make your dream of renting your own space a reality. 

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