How to Disinfect Medical Masks and Frequently Touched Household Items: Lumin Review

How to Disinfect Medical Masks and Frequently Touched Household Items: Lumin Review

We are now living in a world of uncertainty. One minute we were going on with our everyday lives, and then BAM, our lives were interrupted with an invisible virus that is taking over the world, causing a global pandemic.

There have been several diseases that come about in our lifetime.   But this outbreak, the Coronavirus (COVID-19), tops as one that so severe that it's causing thousands of people to become ill, and even causing death.

At the moment, there is no cure from this viral virus; however, there are ways to slow the spread.

1. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap for 20 seconds.

2. Reframe from touching your face, eyes, and mouth.

3. If you're sick, stay home.

4. If you have an underlying health condition, stay home.

5. Social distance yourself by being 6 feet apart from other people.

6. Do not be in large gatherings.

7. If you're elderly, stay home.

8. Wear a protective mask to prevent droplets and saliva from getting into your face.

9. While outdoors, try not to touch surfaces because it will reinfect your hands and spread colds and viruses.  Also, while indoors, make sure to wipe clean doorknobs and handles.

10. Take off your shoes before walking around your house.

11. Cough and sneeze into your upper sleeve or tissue.  Remember to throw away the tissue and rewash your hands.

We now have to be more cautious with everything that we do; there is no going back to the way things were before the virus.

And also, those everyday items that we touch daily, they need to be disinfected too, like our car keys, cell phones, jewelry, makeup, TV remote, etc.

Think about it; if we wash our hands, then start touching our cell phones, keys, etc., we just recontaminated ourselves.

Another thing to know, some products like cell phones and electronics can't handle moisture from using disinfecting wipes, which can potentially destroy the gadget.

So, how can we prevent recontamination?

Lumin CPAP Review

That's when the Lumin comes into play.

The Lumin is designed for CPAP users; however,  it has more uses then only disinfecting CPAP masks.  The Lumin disinfects any product that you place in the drawer and is also effective on Coronavirus.

The Lumin is very easy to use, and has a quick start guide:

Lumin CPAP Review

1. Remove the compartment drawer from the device.

2. Remove the UV bulb from the packaging.

3. Firmly hold the base of the bulb and insert it into the socket until you hear a click.

4. Reinsert Lumin Rack inside the drawer and slide back in the drawer itself into the device

5. Plug Lumin into an electrical outlet

6. Place item you like to disinfect into the drawer, then close

7. Press the "On" button, and the Lumin disinfect the item in 5 minutes

So, you may be wondering, how does the Lumin disinfect products?

How to Disinfect Medical Masks and Frequently Touched Household Items: Lumin Review

The powerful germicidal UVC source kills bacterias and viruses that cause diseases by destroying DNA with high energy light (500 mJ/cm2).

How to Disinfect Medical Masks and Frequently Touched Household Items: Lumin Review

There are a lot of UVC products out there that claim to kill viruses, but some fall short, not truly disinfecting anything and are a complete waste of money.  But Lumin, unlike most products, has testing data for bacteria and viruses that show 99.999% kill of most pathogens.

How to Disinfect Medical Masks and Frequently Touched Household Items: Lumin Review

3B Medical is the only company that releases its test data showing the Lumin kills bacteria and viruses. And they have testing going on now for Human Coronavirus, so 3B Medical already know that UVC is very effective on Coronavirus.

How to Disinfect Medical Masks and Frequently Touched Household Items: Lumin Review

Also, what is excellent about the Lumin, it disinfects medical masks too.  A lot of masks, like the N95, are only meant for one time uses, but with the current mask shortages, it's hard to find any for immediate use now.

Having a Lumin is vital, so you can continue to protect yourself and stay healthy.  Just like all other household items, place the medical mask inside the large compartment drawer of the Lumin to have it thoroughly disinfected in 5 minutes.

Lumin CPAP Machine Review

The Lumin has been selling out fast (price $299), but you can go to their website at and purchase one, and stock is replenished weekly with orders going out within a few days.

Remember, we all got to play our part to slow this virus, and doing the things I mentioned above, and also disinfecting your household items with the Lumin, you can help combat this disease quickly.

Disclosure- This post is sponsored by 3B Medical, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  I am not a doctor, so please consult with your physician about medical needs. 

Please continue to stay safe and healthy!

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  1. Interesting product. I wipe everything down several times per day with Lysol Wipes and then spray with a disinfectant.

    No shoes in the house and Tayair washes his masks in the shower then puts it in the dryer because he works M-F at Home Depot.

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