Halloween Driver Safety Tips from Chevrolet

Halloween Driver Safety Tips from Chevrolet

Chevrolet wants you and your loved ones safe this Halloween and every day of the year. With Halloween being the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrian fatalities, they put together driver safety tips to ensure that your holiday is as safe as possible.

Chevrolet Safety Tips from Suzanne Johansson, Chevrolet Traverse Safety Expert

  • Drive Scary Slow – Kids are excited, full of sugar and potentially wearing shoes that could cause tripping. Slow down and be prepared to stop for Owlette, Cat Boy and Gekko as they cross the street or chase a piece of their costume in the wind.

  • Treat Yourself to Car Tech – Chevrolet recommends that you never turn off safety alerts, but if you have, turn them back on. Things such as rear-view or forward-facing cameras, collision alert sensors and Surround Vision cameras give drivers a better view of what or who is near their vehicles while they’re backing up or just driving down the street.

  • Avoid Dreadful Distractions – If you are concerned you’ll be tempted to use your phone while driving, eliminate the temptation and distraction by taking advantage of vehicle storage cubbies that you cannot access while driving.

  • Motorists and Masks Don’t Mix – While it’s tempting to make your fellow motorists laugh, it’s a bad idea to drive while wearing anything that could potentially impede your vision like masks, goggles or silly glasses. Place them in the trunk or a convenient storage space until you reach your destination.

  • Don’t Get Tricked and Always Buckle Up – Whether you’re rolling slowly down the street while your kiddos roam the sidewalk or transporting a group of superheroes door to door, be a stickler for safety and buckle up every time you’re in motion.

Additionally, Chevy wanted to share their available car safety technology that is designed with your safety in mind.

  • Active Safety Features – Vehicles are loaded with new safety technologies to help ease parents’ worries, including forward collision alert, side blind zone alert, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, etc.

  • Front Pedestrian Braking and Forward Automatic Braking – In the event that the system detects a pedestrian directly ahead, the system will alert the driver and automatically brake.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!  Learn more about Chevy's vehicles I had a chance to drive.

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