Earn Extra Money Free with Smart App Community

Earn Extra Money Free with Smart App Community

Hey Y'all! I'm coming to you with another exciting opportunity to earn some extra cash in your spare time with your smartphone, tablet, and computer.

Join Smart App Community where your interest matters and influence the next generation of your favorite websites, apps, and technology.

Help build a better digital world for all by helping improve online services loved and used by millions of people every day, and for your feedback, you'll get paid for it.

Be part of an elite community turning your data into meaningful insights, and be part of an extensive influencer research community.

The Smart App Community research study began in 2014 to understand how people behave digitally as more and more internet-enabled devices began to demand our attention.

PC- and TV-only panels of the past weren't providing the full picture that captured the consumers who scroll through Food Network's website on their smartphones while in line at the grocery store or play Angry Birds while streaming the latest episode of Game of Thrones on their tablets. These panels were missing the full consumer story, and companies were missing the crucial insights necessary to create meaningful features, products, and improvements.

Until they developed the Smart App, now, influencers like you can download a simple app on your devices to share anonymous usage data. That data, paired with a growing survey program, allows Smart Panel to gain never-before-possible insights into how people actually use the internet. You get to not only be part of changing technology, but you also earn rewards for sharing your data. And best of all, they're honest with you about what they share and who we share it with.

Feel good about influencing the future of technology. Make your interests matter with Smart App!

It's free to join Smart App Community, so sign up today and start earning money for your opinions.

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