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| Thursday

Do You Like to Travel By Air? Get Paid For It!

Hey Yall!  I'm coming back at ya with another opportunity to be rewarded for your opinions, this time for those who love to travel by air!  Be the voice of the air travel industry by sharing your insights, thoughts, and ideas!

Flyers' Voice is an online research community comprised of frequent leisure and business travelers who are willing to share their opinions on all topics that are important to air travel.

Build up community points by taking part in the activities and online surveys we send in the course of the upcoming 12 months. The higher you climb up the member ladder, the more opportunities and community benefits you'll be given!

Do You Like to Travel By Air?  Get Paid For It!  via  www.productreviewmom.com

You earn points for all activities you participate in – here's how you'll receive points:

Download their App to participate in short surveys during your flights – 5,000 points

Participate in in-flight surveys – 1,000 points per survey completed

Participate in surveys after your flight – 1,000 points per survey completed

Participate in quick polls – 500 points per contribution

Participate in open discussions with selected Flyers' Voice members over 2-3 days – 5,000 points for every discussion you actively engage in

Regularly (once per month) update them on your planned flight travels – 200 points per update

Stay in Flyers' Voice community and contribute until the end – 2,000 points

At the end of the community or once you've collected enough points you will be able to convert these points into an Amazon Voucher or on www.joybuy.com

1,000 points represent $1.

Sounds like a community you would like to join?  Sign up now before it closes to new members!  Best of all, it's free! 

Looking for more paid opportunities like these?  Check out my Make Extra Money section.

Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I didn't fit their demographics.

    1. Oh no Sis! I'm sorry! I hope you fit the demographic for other opportunities I share.

  2. This sounds like an interesting opportunity. It's definitely something for me to look into.

    1. Check it out girl and see if you're accepted in the group.