Many Things to See If You Are Visiting Dallas, TX

Many Things to See If You Are Visiting Dallas, TX  via

Dallas has a rich history that is rooted in farming, ranching, and oil production. The city has many outdoor activities for visitors to partake in and enjoy.

Here are some things that you can see when in Dallas, TX:

Dallas Museum of Art

This has been a long-standing institution since 1903. As one of the ten biggest museums in the USA, it houses a collection of more than 24,000 pieces from America and the world at large. The highlights from this collection include artifacts from ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece as well as contemporary pieces. Aside from the permanent collections, you will also find temporary exhibits that explore thematic topics and show the works of prominent artists.

The Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center has a wide array of contemporary and modern sculptures. Situated in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, you will see large art sculptures on display when you walk around the tree-lined grounds. The best pieces include Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, and Henry Matisse. The Sculpture Park and museum hold events such as concerts and lectures frequently.

The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

When you visit this museum, you will first be introduced to the historical context that has multimedia exhibits describing the 1960s political climate. You will see President Kennedy’s last days of life when he visited Texas in 1963. You will also see a recreation of the sniper’s perch from where Oswald took the fatal shots that killed the president.

The other exhibits just show you the tense hours that followed the shooting as well as the recollection of shock that people were under following the shooting.

The Botanical Garden and Dallas Arboretum

The world famous displays at this attraction display plant collections, seasonal flowers, and ornamental shrubs. At the gardens, you can also see art shows and seasonal outdoor festivals from time to time. Although this attraction was conceived in the 1930s, it did not become real until 1984 when the park was put on the grounds of a mansion.

Sculptures and fountains add some fun to the park with areas named Texas Town and Toad’s Corner. You should also consider exploring the area around White Rock Lake Park, which is surrounded by ten miles of biking and hiking trails. If you love wildlife and bird watching, this is the place to go.

African American Museum

This museum was founded in 1974 and has displays that range from cultural, artistic, and historical African American materials. Entertainment and educational programs are hosted in the on-site theater. This museum seeks to understand African American history and strives to show a meaningful experience to people who do not usually visit at museums.

Dallas World of Aquarium

Located conveniently within a walking distance of the historic downtown core, this place is fun for kids and adults alike. You will see a variety of sea life, including jellyfish, sea turtles, bonnet head sharks, and stingrays. The Orinoco rainforest is a fun highlight of the aquarium – it has many flying birds and aquatic species.

Reunion Tower

Many Things to See If You Are Visiting Dallas, TX  via

Although it is not the tallest building in Dallas, it is the most identifiable and distinguished. The Reunion Tower now has a revolving restaurant that offers 360-degree views of the city. Moreover, you can head to the Geo-Deck observation level to see an interactive display that provides details about the structure and other prominent landmarks.

Dallas is a beautiful city; if you decide to live there after your visit, you can use resources such as Dallas Apartment Locators to find a place to stay. Just make sure that you do plenty of research.

Have you ever visited Dallas, Texas before?

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