Organic Face Washes You Can Make At Home

Organic Face Washes You Can Make At Home  via

Your face is the first thing people see, and unfortunately, it’s also the first place where signs of aging appear. Other than drinking water and getting adequate rest at night, the products you put on your face have a direct impact on your skin’s appearance. Your skin absorbs whatever you put on it, so it makes sense only to use all-natural products. Here are a few face washes that you can make at home with ingredients that are nourishing and healthy.

This Cleansing-Aloe Vera Face Wash from Kristy at Life -N- Reflection is chock full of the most moisturizing ingredients. Aloe Vera, jojoba oil, and raw honey are the nutrient dense trio that will leave your skin glowing and youthful, while anti-inflammatory chamomile and lavender essential oil gently sooth skin. This face wash is excellent for aging skin because it’s packed with ultra-moisturizing ingredients that naturally reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Susie at Pins and Procrastination is helping to whip our skin into shape with her Anti-Inflammatory Green Tea and Honey Face Wash. Green tea is great for people with sensitive skin and helps to reduce redness and the appearance of pores. Avocado oil is packed with nourishing Vitamin E, acts as a natural sunblock and is excellent for healing chapped skin.

This Homemade Lavender Honey Face Wash from Erika at Living Well Mom moisturizes with raw honey and is also anti-bacterial. Lavender essential oil not only smells great but is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. It really is the most powerful essential oil. This recipe also uses argan oil which is fantastic for acne because it reduces oil levels in the skin while still providing much-needed moisture.

Which one would you like to try? Remember that the more mature our skin gets, the more careful we must be about what we put on it. I recently bought a face mask that boasted of natural ingredients, but when I took a second look at the ingredients, I couldn’t pronounce many of them. Although it was packaged beautifully, I couldn’t bring myself to use it again. These all-natural cleansers get the job done without you having to guess its ingredients.

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  1. I love lavender so I will try pretty much anything with that ingredient! Yes, you have to read those labels!