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| Wednesday

Join the FAMILY LIFE Community and Be Rewarded for Your Efforts

Join the FAMILY LIFE Community and Be Rewarded for Your Efforts  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Hey Yall!  I'm coming at you with another fun opportunity!

Join the community FAMILY LIFE; an online community focused on sharing experiences of everyday family life and play. If your family loves toys and you enjoy talking about what makes your family tick, this community is right for you!

FAMILY LIFE thrives on their member's participation in a range of activities (from short surveys to video diaries, forum discussions, and sharing individual opinions) across different topics.

Your contributions and the challenges you help to tackle may have a real impact on the way the play and entertainment experiences of the future are created.

Join now if you would like to: 

  • Take the opportunity to make a difference in the creation of well-known toys through weekly challenges and fun tasks, starting at the beginning of February.

  • Have fun and share experiences, tips & tricks with others FAMILY LIFE members who are just like you.

  • Learn more about new toys & get inspired by new ways to have fun with your family.

  • Be rewarded for your efforts. They value your time, so if you complete activities thoughtfully, your efforts will be rewarded with gift vouchers from $10 to $40!

Join now before community closes to new members.  (CLOSED TO NEW MEMBERS)

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