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Top 2017 Christmas Gifts

Top 2017 Christmas Gifts  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Christmas is on the way and the annual worry over what to buy has now begun. If you find yourself scratching your head in confusion about what to buy for your friends and loved ones, this is the guide for you. I’ve compiled a bunch of cool gifts that you can buy for anyone.

Take a look and get ready to start shopping!

Best 2017 Christmas Gift – Echo Show

Echo Show

The Echo Show from Amazon is my favorite Christmas gift – it even made Oprah’s gift list! This small pad comes with speakers that pack a real punch. You can view video content and music content from Amazon. It’s all hands-free and you can even call family and friends using the Alexa app. Plus, if the person you’re buying this for already has other Echo devices they can connect them through the free app.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Get lyrics to your favorite songs on-screen.

  • Make a truly smart home with the connectivity options available.

  • Watch movies, read books, and hook it up to home security systems.

Best Value 2017 Christmas Gift – Megawheels Hoverboard

Megawheels Hoverboard

My best value Christmas gift is the Megawheels Hoverboard. Unlike other hoverboards, this has been professionally certified for safety. Go at a maximum speed of 7.5 mph, with the powerful motors inside. The large tires offer excellent grip and make the hoverboard incredibly easy to control.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Has a full range of safety qualifications.
  • Easy to control and balance on.
  • Can go faster than most hoverboards.

Top 2017 Christmas Gifts for Tech Lovers

#1 – Xbox One Overview

Xbox One Overview

The Xbox One represents the next generation of gaming. With over 1 TB in memory and the fastest processors around, you’ll take advantage of cutting edge graphics and a wide range of exclusive titles that can be played both online and offline. The Xbox One blows all other games consoles out of the water with its custom design controls.

And it even comes with a free Game Pass.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Exclusive games found only on this console.
  • Cutting edge graphics and sound.
  • Enabled for exciting online play.

#2 – U49W Drone Overview

U49W Drone

The U49W Drone is the ideal drone to get started with for novice pilots. This drone comes with Wi-Fi and is able to send back live images of what the drone sees in crystal clear HD. It also comes with a live camera that can be viewed from any mobile device.

There’s only one button to take-off and land, along with three speeds. This is how easy it is to control. The U49W can be flown for 30 minutes at a time and comes with a bonus battery.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Simple for newbies to learn to use.
  • Comes with live camera connected via Wi-Fi.
  • Includes a bonus battery for even more flying time.

Top 2017 Christmas Gifts for Kids

#1 – Piper Computer Kit Overview

Piper Computer Kit

The Piper Computer Kit is perfect for getting young minds working. It comes with the Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft, which they can use to build incredible creations. The computer is connected to Wi-Fi, so anything they create can also be shared with others online.

It also comes in a beautiful wooden case for easy carrying and storage.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • The best option for playing the exciting Minecraft game.
  • Includes buzzers and LED lights for added entertainment value.
  • Is protected by its wooden carrying case.

#2 – VTech KiddiBuzz Overview

VTech KiddiBuzz

This VTech KiddiBuzz is the best alternative for a child who wants a smartphone but isn’t old enough for one yet. It only allows kids to send messages to an approved contact list. It’s also loaded with 40 different learning games and a web browser that automatically blocks any content that hasn’t been approved by experts in learning. They can also take pictures with the 180-degree rotating camera.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Enough content to entertain kids for hours.
  • Peace of mind for parents.
  • Encourages and promotes constant learning.

Top 2017 Christmas Gifts for Fitness Lovers

#1 – Gravocore Revolutionary Training Machine Overview

Gravocore Revolutionary Training Machine

The Gravocore Revolutionary Training Machine offers everything a person needs to transform their body. In just five minutes each day, your friends and family can burn fat and achieve total muscle stimulation. The groundbreaking design makes this easy and fun at the same time.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Is small and compact for easy storage.
  • Doesn’t take long to get results.
  • Muscle stimulation like never before.

#2 – DoubleFlex Portable Home Gym Overview

DoubleFlex Portable Home Gym

The DoubleFlex Portable Home Gym replaces the weights and allows anyone to get fit on the fly. The strengthened components are designed to last and keep testing muscles for years. The entire system is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry around.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Upgraded system to increase durability.
  • Allows anyone to workout anywhere.
  • Uses the same fitness principles of using resistance as the NASA astronauts.

Top 2017 Christmas Gifts for Him

#1 – Segway One S1 Overview

Segway One S1 Overview

The Segway One S1 is making the Segway cool again. The battery now allows your friend or family member to travel 15 miles in one sitting. It can be controlled from a portable device, so as to maintain a sustainable speed and to put it in the lock position. Weighs less than 30 pounds so is extremely portable.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Certified for safety.
  • Can travel a huge distance in one charge.
  • Is easy to control via a smartphone.

#2 – Exotic Meat Crate Overview

Exotic Meat Crate

What is an Exotic Meat Crate?

Well, it’s a wooden box filled with incredible premium game flavors. It includes buffalo and rabbit jerky, along with elk summer sausage and ostrich stick. Like eating exotic animals? This is the gift for anyone who likes to try new things.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Huge range of different meats.
  • Premium meat that could be served in any restaurant.
  • Gorgeous display crate.

Top 2017 Christmas Gifts for Her

#1 – Bath Bomb Gift Set USA Overview

Bath Bomb Gift Set USA

Add some fragrance to bath time with the Bath Bomb Gift Set USA. This is what some people call nature’s garden because there are no toxic additives, like with so many other bath bombs.

There are a total of six bath bombs. They only include natural and organic ingredients, so they’re ideal for people who’re allergic to gluten and/or are vegans. Furthermore, these bath bombs are ultra-moisturizing, so they are fantastic for the skin.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Made by hand with only natural ingredients.
  • Are usable by vegans and those allergic to gluten.
  • A choice of six unique blends.

#2 – Waft Perfume Overview

Waft Perfume is something a little different from the usual gift of perfume for a significant other. The Waft Perfume Lab lets you create your own custom fragrance for the one you care about. Choose from a range of different flavors and they’ll make it for you. It even comes in a custom bottle with your choice of name and message on it.

This is a personalized gift like no other.

Top Reasons to Purchase

  • Create the perfect fragrance.
  • No expertise required to do this.
  • Custom bottle with a personal message on the front.

Final Thoughts on the Top 2017 Christmas Gifts

Christmas is about to get a lot more special with these gifts. See what you like the look of and just buy it. Your friends and family are sure to love any of the gifts on this list!

Disclosure- Post contains Amazon affiliate links.

What gift suggestion do you like the most from my list?

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