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Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Do you love watching movies that make you jump throughout them and have you unable to go to sleep until you see what happens in the movie? 

I’ve got my top 5 scary movies of all time for you to add to your scary movie viewing list. 

The Badadook (2014)
Even though this movie is only a few years old, it had to make my list. I’m sure when Netflix first released it on its streaming platform that you heard all the chatter that was going on about it on the web. 

This story shows a widow and her son who seems to be out of control. Amelia finds it very hard to love her son Samuel because of his behavior, which really takes a turn for the worst when the Badadook bedtime story is uncovered. As the story unfolds a scary train of events take place and Amelia even starts to believe that her son has been warning her of a very real danger. 

The Conjuring (2013)
Another movie that you must have heard of, if you haven’t watched it already, is The Conjuring. This is marketed as being based on a true story where two paranormal investigators head out to help a family that claims something strange is occupying a farmhouse. The investigators weren’t quite prepared for all the horrifying events that take place on this case. 

Friday the 13th (1980)
In this film, the camp counselors thought they were doing a good deed trying to reopen the summer camp. However, once the assailant appears you must wonder if they are having second thoughts about disturbing the site where a child drowned in the prior years, which resulted in the camps closing. 

While this film is a bit older than others on the list, if you haven’t watched Friday the 13th yet now is the perfect time to do so. 

MISERY (1990)
If you’re a fan of Stephen King’s novels, MISERY is a movie that you will enjoy as it is based off his novel. The movie opens with Paul Sheldon finishing his latest novel. However, he had to be saved from a severe car crash by Annie who is a huge fan of his Misery novels series. While she’s his caretaker, she decides to read one of the newer books from the series and doesn’t like what she reads so things start to get “real”. 

The Strangers (2008)
The Strangers is one of those movies that will have you rechecking your door again at night to ensure that you don’t go to sleep without it locked, and may have you invest in a camera security system as well. Between the creepy masks and music that are in this movie, you’ll be lucky if you feel safe going to sleep at home alone again.

This scary film has an early morning knock at a secluded location where a couple is vacationing that takes them for the most horrifying ride of their life until the morning. The couple are pushed to their limits and only time will tell whether they will be able to survive it all. 

Overall, this are the top five scary movies of all time in my opinion. They all will spook you a bit yet at the same time they also have different plots and mysterious to keep you intrigued. Regardless of the type of horror movies that you prefer to watch I hope that you could find one from my list that caught your attention. 

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 Which one of these movies would you like to watch? What’s your favorite scary movie of all time?

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