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Spooky Halloween Destinations

Spooky Halloween Destinations  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Are you looking to go to the perfect Halloween destination this year that will have you feeling spooked? If so, you’re going to love today’s article because I have done the research for you to locate the spookiest Halloween destinations. Let’s jump right in!


If you’re at the top of the country, make plans to spend Halloween in Philadelphia. Here you will find Terror Behind the Walls, which takes place in an abandoned prison. If the Eastern State Prison doesn’t give you a night of jumping and screaming around each bend consider heading over to check out some of Philadelphia’s most notable Halloween festivities such as Pennhurst Asylum and The Bates Motel.


While Salem already has quite a spooky demeanor on any day of the year, on Halloween they really crank up their spooky factor. They have parties, numerous walking tours, and even a handful of haunted houses that they add to the mix for the occasion. If you’re planning to spend this Halloween in Salem, make sure you check out Haunted Happenings because they will allow you to plan your entire night perfectly. 

New Orleans

Since New Orleans already has a reputation of being the Voodoo Capital, you know that they had to make the list. They already have a ton of rumored to be haunted spots including The Myrtles Plantation, which locals claim is filled to the brim with ghosts. Plus, when you combine that with the haunted bars, you can’t leave unafraid after spending a night exploring this town. 

Los Angeles

For you west coasts peeps, make sure to make your way to LA on Halloween night. I would especially recommend going down to Griffith Park, where you can have a zombie Hayride that is sure to be far from boring. If you want even more thrills, now may be a good time to schedule a visit to Universal Studios where you’ll be able to attend Halloween Horror Nights. This year they are boasting that they will have more mazes available than ever before.

Estes Park

Do you love reading Stephen Kings books? If so, Estes Park is the one place you want to make sure you are at this Halloween, so you can see exactly where he has pulled inspiration from before. The Stanley Hotel, which is already creepy, has a great lineup of Halloween festivities scheduled this year such as the Murder Mystery Dinner and The Shining Ball, which is always a huge success. 


Savannah is no stranger when it comes to paranormal activity taking place, which makes this another city to add to your Halloween bucket list. The Sorrel Wheel House has an amazing tour scheduled and many claim to see paranormal things taking place here during other times of the year as well. Plus, if you’re looking to be extra spooked you can always dare to take a stroll through the Bonaventure Cemetery. 

New York

New York is already a city that never sleeps, so you know on Halloween they must have a ton of things planned that will leave you spooked until the next night. One thing visitors look forward to attending there is The Blackout Experience, which is full of the cities sadistic hosts. 

Looking to have a spooky Halloween this October? If so, these are some great destinations to consider. However, if you’re looking for something a little closer to home, just think about the places that already creep you out during the year and find out if they have some special activities planned for October 31st.

How do you plan to spend Halloween this year?

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