Creating Coffee: 4 Tricks for Choosing Brilliant Beans

Creating Coffee: 4 Tricks for Choosing Brilliant Beans  via

A great cup of coffee is the perfect start to any day, but there’s a stark difference in quality depending on the coffee you buy. If you’re buying whole bean coffee, then you’re already avoiding one major mistake made by many coffee drinkers, because the flavor is significantly better when you ground the beans on your own instead of buying ground coffee. How can you find the beans that really wow you? Follow these four simple tricks and you’ll love every cup you brew.

Check the Roast Date

Even though coffee can last a long time, the flavor only stays at its absolute best for a couple weeks after roasting. When you buy your coffee, look on the package for the roast date. If you’re purchasing your coffee directly from the roaster, you can also ask when the beans were roasted. It’s best to only buy coffee that you can use within about two to three weeks of the roast date, because there’s no way to prevent flavor loss.

Research Coffee Roasters

There’s a lengthy process involved with those coffee beans. It starts at the farm. Better land and farming results in better coffee. When you’re checking out coffee roasters, make sure you look at how they get their coffee. A roaster that gets their coffee from an individual farm or a co-op and who pays a reasonable amount for it will likely have a higher quality product.

Check the Label


On a good coffee, the label will tell you all about the coffee itself. It won’t use all the available space on salesy language or useless terms, such as “100-percent coffee.” You can also use the information on the label to get an idea of the coffee’s flavors and strengths to make sure that it’s what you like.

Experiment with Different Beans


Although it’s nice to have a go-to coffee that you really enjoy, it’s important to experiment, especially when you haven’t tried many coffees before. Many coffee drinkers mistakenly assume all coffee from a particular region is just like one brand that they had from that area. Every area has a variety of different coffees. Be open to trying new beans, as you never know when you’ll find your next favorite.

If you love coffee, you probably drink it just about every day. It makes sense to shop around and find beans that you love. Try working with a retailer like 11th Street Coffee or someone similar in your area to learn the ins and outs. A little work now and before you know it your neighbors will all be at your door asking for more of your delicious coffee.

Guest Author: Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys tennis and spending time with her family.

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