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With school soon to be back in session, it doesn't mean summer vacations have to be over. It's still summer until the end of September.  So, I may squeeze in another quick trip or two.

The only downside is during the summer months traveling it gets super-hot down south, which means it hard for me to find comfortable clothes to travel in. Depending on where we travel, the girls want to get started with the activities immediately, or at least grab a bite to eat, so I don’t like wearing something that is going to have me all hot and sweaty upon arrival to the destination. 

I have found that dresses are great travel attire during the spring and summer months. However, finding the best travel dresses can be a challenge. Therefore, today I am sharing some of the best travel dresses. Besides, us traveling gals have to have each other’s backs, right?

Mod-o-doc High Low Hem Jersey Tank Dress

This bright and charming dress is just what us travelers need. It’s lightweight to keep me from getting hot while traveling and since this maxi dress is cute and casual I am ready to go ahead about my day as soon as we get to our destination if necessary. 

Tie Waist Dress by OhConcept
This is another fashionable yet comfortable dress that makes traveling not so uncomfortable. It is made from material that is very breathable and the twist tie makes it much easier for us girls to still look stylish. This dress is more of a tank dress and it falls just below the knee, so I see it as a great dress when you are traveling to a beach town destination. What I love about it the most is I can choose to either wear my wedges or sandals with it and it still looks great. 


Seamed Skater Dress From New York and Company


I own one of these dresses and it made my favorite products list.  Now ya’ll already know that I love New York and Company so of course this list wouldn’t be complete unless I added in a travel dress from them. This skater dress is nothing but the truth, ya’ll. This dress has a classic look and you can basically throw on a belt and add in some accessories and you are good to head to your destination. 

Patagonia Women’s Kamala Convertible Skirt

This dress is on my must buy list. It is perfect for travel because of the variety of ways that you can wear it. You can wear it as a skirt, a tube dress, or even as a halter top. I am a sucker when it comes to versatility and this dress has it all. The best part is that it is also wrinkle resistant, therefore, if I am in a rush to get out the door I don’t have to worry about pulling out my iron to make sure I am wrinkle free.

Which travel dress from this list is your favorite?

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