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Travel Friendly Makeup Kits

Travel Friendly Makeup Kits  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Traveling is a time for letting your hair down and exploring, but this does not mean giving up your beauty routine. You should be able to look just as good on your vacation as you do at home, though this will take a little bit of clever packing. One thing you want to make sure of, is that you keep your cosmetics in a makeup kit during packing and during the duration of your trip. Here are some travel friendly makeup kits that you should look at before you set off on your next trip. 

Hanging makeup organizer

If you are able to keep your makeup choices lightweight and compact, you should get a hanging organizer to make it easier. A hanging makeup organizer that comes with a hook can easily hang on one of the hooks inside of the bathroom to save valuable counter space. If you are in a hotel that has little space or if you are staying in a hostel, this will allow you to keep everything off of the counters, yet still handy. 

Clear cosmetic kit

One of the issues with makeup bags is having to dig around for what you want. When you are preparing to go out for the day, you want to save as much time as possible. In order to get away from digging through a makeup kit, get a clear cosmetics pouch that is entirely see-through. A clear makeup kit will allow you to find and fetch your necessary items and apply makeup more easily for early morning sightseeing. 

All in one makeup book

If you want to travel with as few items as possible, a traveling makeup book is a great idea. A makeup book that holds eye shadows, lipsticks and lip glosses, plus blush and contour is an excellent method for traveling with many makeup looks by carrying fewer items. Along with this kit, take your normal foundation and powder, plus your normal skincare. With an all in one book, you will be ready to go. 

Folding makeup bag

Many people have been taught to roll their clothes, and for this same reason, it is a good idea to roll your makeup case too. A folding makeup bag does the trick of allowing you to save space in your suitcase but pack all the beauty products that you need. Situate your makeup in one of the pouches, then put your skincare in another. In the final pouch, add any medicines, toothbrushes, and excess personal care. This will keep you organized, but provide more space. 

Upscale toiletry bag

If you love to travel in style, bring a stylish makeup case along with you. A makeup bag, like the Louis Vuitton toiletry bag, has coated canvas that can hold up to heavy duty usage. Bringing an upscale makeup case along with you will also ensure that you are careful about not leaving your makeup (and bag!) behind when you pack up to leave you trip. 

What is your favorite travel friendly makeup kit?

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