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2017 Travel Trends

2017 Travel Trends  via  www.productreviewmom.com
Birthday Trip in Puerto Rico

Traveling changes every year. The way people travel and where people travel to changes and evolves based on a range of factors. If you’re planning to take a trip this year I'm going to show you some of the main travel trends you need to be aware of when you book your next vacation.

More Americans are Taking Vacations


The idea of non-stop work for Americans is steadily becoming less and less accepted. More Americans are deciding against skipping vacations because employers are actively encouraging them to leave. Studies are showing that regular breaks lead to more productivity than working 350 days of the year.

More Americans than ever will take a vacation in 2017.

Traveling is Becoming More About Skills


A tiny number of people travel exclusively to party or to meet up with family and friends. Exploring a destination is still a major reason for travel, but even more people are actively traveling to pick up new skills. This could be related to their current job or they could be taking a sabbatical to pick up a new language.

Travel Agents are Losing their Place


With the ability to book flights, hotels, and rental cars all in less than an hour, it’s becoming unnecessary to spend more on a package vacation. Travel agents are becoming less relevant than ever because it’s never been easier to plan and execute a holiday with nothing but some basic knowledge of how to use the Internet.

More Parts of the World are Becoming Accessible


Travel infrastructure around the world is getting better and better. Eastern Europe and the Balkans are two regions that are getting more tourists every year. They’re also becoming friendlier to tourists, with more signage in English and tourist information outlets for new arrivals.

Rather than traveling to Mexico you could find yourself in a place like Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Solo Travel is No Longer Scary


Twenty years ago, the idea of a young person traveling the world by themselves was terrifying. There are people who still think this way, but enter the average hotel/hostel and you’ll find most people traveling alone. Solo travel is no more dangerous than walking around the average American city.

It still takes a leap of faith to leave, but when solo travelers reach their destination they quickly adjust to where they are.

Disconnecting from Work is Becoming the Norm


So many vacationers continue to check their work emails and take calls from clients. Countries like France have made it illegal for employers to harass their employees when they’re not in the office. This might not be the case in the US, but employers are becoming more aware of the needs for regular rest.

Many US workers are finding that it’s not a sin to disconnect from office life when you’re in Tahiti with the rest of the family.

Traveling is Changing for the Better


Traveling has never been easier than it is in 2017. It’s easier than ever to pick out a destination of your choice and leave within a week without the help of a travel agent.

Where will you go in 2017?

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