Valentine’s Day Must-Haves

Valentine’s Day Must-Haves  via

These are our favorite Valentine’s Day must-haves for this year.  Check them out!

Real Rose Dipped in 24K Gold

If you really want to show her how special she is you need this gift. This is a real rose that has been frozen in time after been dipped in 24K gold. It’s luxurious and it’s a twist on an old classic for Valentine’s Day. If you want to mix the traditional and the modern this is the gift for you.

LEGO Bricks and More Valentines Cupid Dog

Those who enjoy building things may enjoy picking up this limited-edition LEGO set. LEGO is not just for children and putting this together in time for Valentine’s Day will show that special someone just how much you love them. We also think it’s a unique gift that you won’t find anywhere, so it’s a great talking point.

This is definitely a gift for those who want to do something different every single year.

Valentine’s Day (2010)

No Valentine’s Day would be completed without sitting down to watch a movie. It has to be romance on this day of all days, so why not go with Valentine’s Day the movie? It stars Jessica Alba and is set in LA. It charts different couples as they chart their way through romance. There’s nothing more fun than spotting which characters most resemble your relationship, and you may even learn what to do and what not to do in the process.

It’s a movie that never gets old!

Valentine’s Lawn Decorations – Candy Hearts

Sometimes you want to surprise your significant other with something special. Before they get home from work why not decorate the front yard with some Valentine’s Day lawn decorations?

These candy hearts are based off the famous candy and include some sweet messages of love on the front of them. Hang them from the trees or place them above the door to get someone in the mood before they pass through the front door.

Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for Two People

It’s good to examine your relationship and decide what you need to change. You don’t want to wait for problems to emerge before you endeavor to understand someone on an even deeper level. The Our Q&A a Day journal poses a different question every day for a whole three-year period. There’s space enough for both parties to write down their answers.

Make this an activity every evening, where you look at each others answers. You might be surprised by what your significant other writes.

Do Different 

Sometimes you need to think outside the box if you’re going to make Valentine’s Day special. This is the way to do it. These gifts offer everything from twists on old classics to completely new and intriguing gifts. Which of these gifts will you buy today?

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