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Cute Slip on Shoes for Travel

Cute Slip on Shoes for Travel  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Comfortable shoes are necessary on vacation. When flying is your method of travel, having slip-on shoes for airport security checkpoint purposes saves time. It is also easier for kids to have a pair or two of slip-on options to give them more independence and cut down some of the time spent getting ready. 

Today I am sharing some cute slip on shoes for travel. 

For Moms

Moms can still be trendy while wearing slip-on shoes. There are more options than just a simple flip-flop to wear during a flight or walking through a new city. You can still get in your morning speed walk if you take along a slip-on walking shoe. Continuing your daily routines away from home is important, especially when it comes to maintaining your health. 

Something simple and easy to just slip on when you’re running a little behind on vacation is a canvas boat shoe. If you choose a color like black, these will match virtually any casual outfit you have picked out to wear on your trip. 

For Dads

Dads can be comfortable while on vacation too. Not all dads are comfortable wearing flip-flops or sandals, so other slip-on options work well for them. Just for everyday wear on vacation, or for exercise or hiking, dads can pick something like a breathable shoe option that can be worn in water or on land. Something like this looks like a traditional sneaker and is great for all daywear.

For a special occasion or formal event while traveling, dads can look a little dressed up with a nubuck slip-n shoe option. These are classy, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The benefit is that they can easily be worn with a suit or formal attire.  Another more formal shoe option for the men is a Timberland oiled leather slip-on. These look trendy and are designed for comfort. 

For the Kids

When you have young children, slip-on shoes saves a lot of time and frustration on vacation. There are unisex options available for kids, which makes it easier to find the size that you need. It is a good idea to consider a denim slip-on shoe option as it is a unisex style that is available in light and dark hues. 


For boys, something simple and versatile is ideal. A shoe style for boys that can be worn for casual or formal purposes is a suede loafer-style moccasin. These are lightweight and are easy for young boys to put on themselves. 


Girls tend to like color in their shoes. A rainbow eyelet slip-on loafer is a good option for them. When girls have shoes with color, it gives them more options for outfits. It might be a struggle to decide on an outfit, but the shoes will go on in seconds.

A Couple Last Tips for Travel Shoes

Look for deals on slip-on shoes in the off-season, such as in the fall and winter months. Shoe manufacturers are concentrating more on in-season shoes so it is likely that you’ll find clearance deals or special pricing. This is the ideal time to purchase slip-on travel shoes for the whole family. 

My Slip-On Shoes Picks

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What type of slip on shoes does your family prefer to wear when traveling?

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