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Best Makeup Brushes

Best Makeup Brushes  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Mastering the makeup brush will make such a difference to your look. Without a fantastic makeup brush you’re not doing justice to the rest of your work. These five makeup brushes will help you to master your craft and make putting on your makeup a luxurious affair.


Which of these makeup brushes is your favorite?

E.L.F Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection

Many people call this their staple brush. This 11-piece collection will leave you wondering which brush you love the most. The flawless blending brush is the heart of this collection. It’s a must-have for contouring. You can take them all with you anywhere as it comes in a sleek yet elegant silver case. There’s even enough room for liner pencils, eyeshadow primer, and more.

Tom Ford Eye Shadow Blend Brush 13

This single eye shadow blend brush may look slightly different than your usual. The tapered shape is the key to its quality because it will make it easier to distribute evenly across your face. The bristles are silky soft, so they’ll easily blend color without any blotching. The bristles are also dense enough to allow you to pack your colors too.

Mara Hoffman for Sephora Collection: Kaleidescape Charcoal Brush Set

This makeup brush set from Mara Hoffman comes with warm, earthy tones. It’s a limited edition set that comes with brushes crafted with fine wood handles and emphasized with a wreath of leaves. The tribal look is built from synthetic fibers developed in an ethical way.

These brushes use something called bamboo charcoal to make these brushes environmentally friendly and kinder to your face.

Shu Uemura Kolinsky Brush 5R

The Shu Uemura Kolinsky Brush 5R is one of the best brushes when it comes to versatility. You can use it for brushing powder, cream, and liquid. We love it for blending out different eyeliners, but it can also be used to treat spots and apply any necessary doses of concealer.

You’ll also find the task of depositing the right amount of pigment easy. If you want your colors of choice to look natural this is the makeup brush for you.

MAC Cosmetics Look in a Box – Basic Brush Kit

Not everyone is a master of the makeup brush. Buying a high-end brush for the novice is like asking a college architect to build a skyscraper. You need to start off with something gentler, and this is where the MAC Cosmetics Look in a Box – Basic Brush Kit comes in.

This starter kit comes with the best of this brand’s entry-level kit. Any makeup novice will find this simple to work with. These brushes are small enough to travel with and the full set can be stored within this black cosmetic bag.

Makeup Brushes for Everyone

These makeup brushes will revolutionize the way you get ready for everything from work to a night in the city. They’ll make getting the look you want a breeze. On top of that, they’re affordable to boot. What more could you want?

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  1. Love the information you shared about Makeup Brushes. I want to learn how to apply the eye shadow to create the dramatic Smokey Eyes. I think I will treat myself to a set of makeup brushes. Thank you for sharing and Merry Christmas!