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5 Ways Different Technologies can Enhance your Holiday Experience

5 Ways Different Technologies can Enhance your Holiday Experience  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Traveling to a new destination on a day trip or holiday happens to be a thrilling but sometimes an arduous experience. A few years ago, travelers had to rely on locals or staff for information, about a particular attraction site, museum, or hotel, due to limited details on the Internet. Thanks to the advances in technology, now you can get detailed information about areas of your interest. Holiday accommodation facilities and hotels are leveraging modern technology to give people a mind-blowing holiday experience. 

Get To Your Destination Quickly And Easily


Most airports and train stations have leaflets, booklets, and maps of various tourist attractions. With the many maps and attraction sites, it is a bit difficult to point out exactly where you want to go and means of transport you will use. Mobile applications containing all these details and allow you to research on areas that meet your holiday needs and desires before even embarking on the journey. The apps can show comments and reviews about certain attraction sites, allowing you to make informed decisions. 

3D Holographic Technology 


Voice over IP (VoIP) tech created a buzz in the tourism industry until the 3D holographic technology was deployed to the market. This technology allows tourists to communicate with their loved ones, friends, and business partners, irrespective of their geographical location, by projecting life-size 3D pictures of both parties involved in the conversation. Information and technology companies like Ottawa IT Support can help hotels with the implementation and management of new technologies as well as with data back-ups

Digital Tourism Personalizes The Holiday Experience


Digital tourism is advancing at a tremendous rate enabling you to customize the outcome based on what you are searching for and things that are of interest to you. Today, you can identify amazing shopping places even in a new city by using your mobile app or a quick Google search. Some apps allow you to scan QR codes on music poster available at a music festival. The scanned posters can give you information about upcoming events, contests to win prizes, autograph opportunities, and other relevant news. 

Greater Connectivity 


Most airplanes have fast streaming Internet enabling travelers to view their social media accounts and catch up on the latest news. Some airways firms are allowing passengers to view and book a day tour while in their route to their destinations by equipping planes with iPads. 

Virtual Reality Technology


This technology has the potential of revolutionizing the tourism industry and giving travelers an amazing travel experience. Several hotels are on the verge of introducing this technology, which allows guests to place an order of in-room virtual experiences utilizing Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Digital tourism is experiencing a fast-paced growth due to the development of new technology. Additionally, hotels, tour companies, airports, and other major stakeholders in the tourism/travel industry are quick to embrace new technologies. Therefore, you should take full advantage of what new technology has to offer to enhance your holiday experience.

About Guest Author: Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max.

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