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5 Kinds of Getaways

5 Kinds of Getaways  via  www.productreviewmom.com
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Did you know that getaways have classifications? There are well over a dozen different types of getaways, but which best describes the type of getaway that you prefer? For many, a getaway is planned for relaxation purposes or just to have a change of scenery for a couple of days. These are the five most commonly planned types of getaways.

The City Escape 

Explore a new city within your state. City life is typically busy with shopping and services within walking distance to most residences. Public transportation and taxi services are more common modes of transportation due to limited parking. Take advantage of the parks, restaurants, and any special events planned in the city while you’re there to get the full experience. 

Outdoor Adventures

When you need to be active, but somewhere different than where you are, pack up the car with your favorite pair of hiking boots or running shoes and head off to a state park that you haven’t visited yet. Book a couple of nights at a bed and breakfast to experience open landscapes and quiet countryside living. Plan excursions each day that test your physical endurance, like ziplining, rock wall climbing, and cycling uphill on off-road courses.

The Wellness Retreat

Peace and quiet while being spoiled with massages and facials is the kind of wellness retreat that couples can enjoy together. Take along your own spa robes and flip-flops so that you are more comfortable. Plan to take a yoga class or two as it helps release negative energy from your body. Also, consider taking a meditation course to learn how to relieve stress when you’re at home. 

Beach Life 

If your life is so busy that you can’t even schedule time to relax, you need a beach getaway. There is something about being near the water that makes you feel free. Take advantage of opportunities to go sailing, snorkeling, and diving whenever possible. It is an adventure that also provides a bit of an education. Water is relaxing, couples and groups tend to book beach getaways a few times in the summer to unwind and enjoy stress-free time together.

Road Trips

Packing up the car and turning up the radio is for those that love an adventure. These are often spontaneous trips with no real itinerary, which is okay. Some of the best getaways are those that have no plans. Venturing into the unexpected gets you excited and tells your body to release adrenaline so that you can feel happy and anxious to discover something new to you. 

On road trips, it is a good idea to take a roadside emergency kit, extra water, flashlights with batteries and non-perishable foods in case an unexpected emergency happens. 

Try to plan your getaway far in advance for the best deals on travel. Some airlines do offer getaway fares for last minute travel plans, which are still offered at a discount. Research deals on entertainment and dining before you go so that you might be able to take advantage of an extra activity. 

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What’s your favorite type of getaway and why?

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