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| Thursday

Skincare Mistakes That Can Age You

Skincare Mistakes That Can Age You  via  www.productreviewmom.com

After noticing that my skin wasn’t quite as healthy looking as I wanted it to be, I looked into my daily routine and noticed that I was doing a few things wrong. Keeping your skin looking and feeling young just requires consistency and using the right products. I prefer to continue looking younger than I am, so some changes needed to be made. 


Your skin needs a consistent routine. You have to maintain the same skincare practices on a daily basis. When I missed just one day of my normal routine, my skin just felt dirty and didn’t have its natural glow. It’s essentially the same as missing a dose of an important medicine, it can force you to backtrack a little. 

Now, the time of day that you perform your skincare routine does not matter much, you just have to make sure to take the time every day to clean your skin properly.

Too Many Hours Wearing Makeup

If you wear makeup too often or for too many hours a day, it can actually damage your skin and make you look older than you are. For women, this is not a great thing. If you are a daily makeup wearer like I am, using the least amount of makeup possible is ideal. The more your skin can breathe, the healthier it will be. Healthy skin ages slower. 

On weekends, I try not to wear makeup unless I am going out somewhere. I like to give my skin a break from being covered up. 

Lack of Sleep

One of the biggest problems women have is not getting enough sleep. I average less hours than I should a night, and some mornings, I wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep at all. This is bad for your skin. I had no clue until I did some research. When you don’t get an ample amount of sleep, your skin can actually become stressed, which in turn can cause wrinkles. 

Applying a little Firming DMAE Moisturizer by derma e cream in the morning seems to help quite a bit. It is lightweight and does not clog your pores. You can put your makeup on right over it. I would suggest waiting about ten minutes after putting it on before starting your makeup routine, though. 

Using SPF Products too often

Many makeup products now come with SPF protection. While this is great for sunny days, SPF products used on cloudy or partially-sunny days can actually breakdown your skin and leave it vulnerable to premature aging from sun damage. 

Say No to Anti-Aging Creams

Anti-aging creams are not only expensive, but they can actually damage your skin. Your skin becomes vulnerable with regular use of the creams. Using these creams before age 50 can do even more damage. 

If you think that some of the products you are using are unsafe, toss them out and start over. I found that if you just take care of your skin and don’t use too many products, I have better results. I always use products that are either organic or nearly all-natural because chemicals damage my skin and I wish to preserve my young look for as many years as possible. 

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Have I missed something?  What other skincare mistakes ages you?


  1. I can tell a difference when I am not consistant in my skincare routine and with my icky sleeping, it shows under my eyes, ugh! I never knew that about SPF though, thank you for sharing that info.