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Halloween Treat Alternatives

Halloween Treat Alternatives   via  www.productreviewmom.com

Parents often complain that their kids get too much candy for Halloween. Many of those that pass out treats are turning to alternative options like cheese crackers, fruit, and non-edible options. Choosing a non-candy item also gives the kids in your neighborhood a bit of variety.

These items below are great alternatives to sugary Halloween treats.

Halloween-Themed Bubbles


Let the kids in the neighborhood have fun on Halloween with bubbles. They are entertaining and contain no sugar. If it is not clearly written on the bottle, make sure that all parents or chaperones are told that they are non-toxic bubbles. It is necessary to make sure the solution in the bottles is non-toxic too.

Temporary Tattoos


Young kids love temporary tattoos. For little boys, they think it makes them look tough. Little girls think that the tattoos are pretty. Consider getting Halloween themed temporary tattoos so that the kids are a little more excited about them. Some tattoos can be used to make another costume for a second Halloween celebration as some include facial embellishments like mustaches, freckles, and cuts.

Halloween Themed School Supplies


Make little goody bags for the neighborhood kids that include Halloween themed school supplies in them. For some kids, the supplies they started with are starting to dwindle. Parents will appreciate that their children received something that is useful. 

Make sure that the pencils are unsharpened because it could lead to a puncture injury if the child falls. In the goody bag, also include mini note pads in Halloween colors so kids can write notes and reminders for themselves.

Popcorn or Pretzels


Popcorn and pretzels are better for kids than candy. These can also be used to make snack mixes later. It is ideal to get popcorn without extra butter, as some parents don’t want their kids having all the fat. Low-sodium options are ideal too. 

Juice Boxes


Only offer all-natural juice boxes that do not contain preservatives, fillers, chemicals, or added sugar. By the time the trick-or-treaters reach your doorstep, they likely need a drink anyways. It is a Halloween treat that might be consumed right away.

Because kids may not make it past the sidewalk, you should consider placing a wastebasket or trash collection receptacle that is labeled so that your yard doesn’t end up a mess. 

Glow-in-the-Dark Bracelets and Necklaces


Parents likely plan to purchase these for their kids anyways, but often forget. Passing these out with a healthy treat helps parents keep track of their children and gives kids something fun to wear. The good thing is these glow-in-the-dark bracelets and mystical charm necklaces can last for days at a time. 

A Couple More Halloween Treat Alternatives


Give out small sticker books to the kids in your neighborhood. They can use these to decorate backpacks, their bedrooms, or to make their own craft projects. Another good option is dried fruit trail mix or individual packages of granola to provide the kids with a healthy treat that still tastes sweet.

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What is your favorite non-candy treat to pass out on Halloween?

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