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Gadgets You Need to Take Great Pictures with Your Camera and Phone

Gadgets You Need to Take Great Pictures with Your Camera and Phone  via  www.productreviewmom.com

There’s nothing more frustrating about having the perfect photo, only to go into your gallery later and see that it’s not so perfect. After many botched candid moments of unforgettable proportions, it was time to shop for a few aids to help me take better pictures with my camera and phone. I have found that a couple of these gadgets actually have more than one use. 

Selfie-sticks have taken a lot of heat in society as some poke fun at those that enjoy taking a lot of self-portraits. I have found that it is much easier to just use one of these sticks for group photos and capturing angles with landscapes. Since I have multiple devices, one selfie-stick for all of them was what I was looking for. I found a professional 10-in-1 monopod kit that is ideal for your cell phone, camera and is Bluetooth compatible. 

It is wonderful to take more photos without having to ask strangers, hoping they don’t run off with your camera or phone, to take photos. 

There are times that the selfie-stick is not appropriate though. When you go out for formal occasions or don’t feel like carrying a purse, you need something more portable. Shuttr fits right in your pocket and can go anywhere with you. It triggers the camera on your phone just by pressing a single button. When you don’t want to put it in your pocket, it can go right on your key ring. It has proven to be a handy little gadget. 

Portable Photo Printers
When you want a physical copy of a special moment right then and there, having a portable photo printer makes it possible. Polaroid makes an option that works with all of your mobile devices, so there is no need for multiple products. I like the convenience of printing photos on the spot. I would suggest having it at children’s events and family gatherings. 

The particular portable photo printer uses ZINK paper. It requires no ink. However, you will have to download an app so that it would work with your devices, but that is free with the purchase of a new printer. 

Portable Spotlights
Lighting isn’t always the greatest, especially in a dark place. I always had a hard time getting the angle right on my phone to take dark pictures without making someone look extra dark. After some searching, I found that portable spotlights are available for phones. It attaches to the top of your phone and fits in all of your handbags, even the small clutch bags. You can have more perfectly lit shots that are frame worthy with this really cool gadget. 

Not only will you be able to get much better, more panoramic photos, but they are clearer. Sometimes it is hard to keep our phones still to get a solid shot. However, if you have the tools to make taking pictures easier, the unfocused faces in your pictures will be crystal clear. With all of these devices being compact and lightweight, they don’t take up much room in your bag and don’t weigh it down either.

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Are there any other gadgets you use to take great pictures?

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