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5 Tips on Planning an Affordable Last Minute Trip

5 Tips on Planning an Affordable Last Minute Trip  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Last minute trips can be quite expensive. Usually, the farther out you book travel plans, the cheaper they are. Some airlines and mass transit authorities offer getaway deals and last minute trip pricing when there are empty seats. Hotels will do the same when they have rooms to fill. 

Today I am sharing with you five tips on planning an affordable last minute trip. 

Cheaper Flights


It may seem odd, but sometimes, it is cheaper to book two one-way flights rather than a round trip flight, even with booking fees. Do the comparison on multiple websites as flight prices vary slightly through each website. It is typically less expensive to fly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so keep that in mind when booking last minute flights.

Tip: To help get cheaper flights, use a survey website and complete surveys on airline websites to earn points that become miles to redeem for flights. 

Hotel Savings


Using websites like Hotels.com and Orbitz help you find hotel deals. On Hotels.com, you can opt to take advantage of their hotel savings special pricing, but you do not know where you’ll be staying until the rooms are booked. It may not be where you want to stay, but may be what’s in your budget. Hotel savings can also be found on Groupon and online-classified websites. 

Saving on Dining


Do your best to research the dining options where you’ll be staying. Research who has kids eat free nights and when they are, along with other local specials that can help your family have more options for affordable dining while traveling. 

Tip: You may be able to purchase gift cards on auction websites for less than their value. Search the gift cards you’d like to use while traveling to see what is available. Verify all available balances prior to placing a bid or making an immediate purchase.

Look for Buddy Passes for Flights


Buddy passes and transferrable credits are often offered for sale on local online-classified websites. In some cases, airline employees actually offer their passes or perks at a discounted price. If you need to get somewhere and can’t afford full-price, look for buddy passes and inquire with several different listings to find the best deal. 

Tip: When you choose this option, agree to meet the person in a public place, like a local coffee shop, to book the flight and pay them to ensure that your flight is correct and valid.

Book an Economy Travel Package


Contact local travel agents and brokers as they likely have access to package pricing that is not advertised. If you require flights, hotel rooms and a rental car, you could actually save money by bundling with a broker or agent. Compare the package prices to your own research on individual service. 

Look on Groupon for hotel savings as hotels do advertise there. You may also be able to find restaurant deals to help save money on dining costs when you just need to get away. Research the area you will be traveling to so that you can see what pricing is for services, activities, gas, and other essentials to ensure that you have enough available funds for the trip. 

What is your favorite resource for last minute travel plans?

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  1. I just booked a flight a few weeks ago for hubby to the DR - he leaves on Monday. It was easy breezy with Delta.