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5 Tips on How to Save Shopping for Halloween Costumes

5 Tips on How to Save Shopping for Halloween Costumes
Halloween is a favorite holiday for children and adults. Costumes have gotten more expensive and elaborate, sometimes taking away from the spirit of the holiday – creativity. Think about making embellishments to regular clothing to make a unique costume or follow a pattern to save money on expensive pre-made options.

These options will help you be the best Halloween costume-creating mom in the neighborhood.

Mom-made Costumes


If you want to give your kids a great Halloween costume but cut the price, make your own costume. Use a pattern and purchase embellishments and different fabrics to make it unique. When ordering costume patterns online, check the available pattern sizes first. It is a good idea to order a multiple pattern package with popular themes that can be used for more than one child or for more than one year, because some costumes can be changed just slightly to make a second-hand costumer look brand new.

Visit the Thrift Store


Parents often donate used Halloween costumes to thrift stores. It is a great place to look for a budget-friendly costume that you can use as-is if you want to. Kids only wear these once (usually), so saving money on the costume is a great on the wallet. If you want to create a unique Halloween costume for your kids, look through the rest of the thrift store for accessories, shoes, and props to make the costume complete.

Trade Costumes with Friends


Some parents keep Halloween costumes that are still in usable condition and store them for use with their other children in the future. But, organizing a trading group with neighborhood moms might help you find a great costume for your children for zero money. You can choose to add accessories, change elements, or use it as it is.

Give Kids Options


Letting your child be whatever he or she wants for Halloween is ideal, but they’re kids and their minds are probably going to change a few times before making a final decision. When that happens, narrow down the options to 3 and ask your child to make a decision. Then, think about how you can incorporate elements from their other favorite ideas to make them happier about their decision.

Shop Dollar Stores

Shop dollar stores for embellishments like gears for mechanical or science-based costumes, deep red rose headbands or other items like glow-in-the-dark spider rings to make the costumes more exciting. If you cannot find what you’re looking for in the dollar store, check with craft stores as their themed options are likely to be a little better.

Get Ready for Trick-or-Treating


Take a bit of a test run in the costume, have your child wear it for a couple of hours being active to make sure it is going to hold up. You should do this the weekend before Halloween so that you have time to make changes if they’re needed. Your kids don’t have to have an expensive costume from an exclusive costume shop to have a great Halloween.

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What’s the best costume you’ve made for your kids for Halloween?

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