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5 Haunted Travel Destinations

5 Haunted Travel Destinations  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Destinations around the world are known for being haunted. Vacationers have reported encounters with spiritual life, strange happenings, and objects moving on their own. When you need a thrilling vacation that might leave you a bit on-edge, a haunted travel destination might do the trick. 

Today I am sharing with you five haunted travel destinations. 

Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Kentucky


Waverly Hills Sanatorium is located in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a facility where thousands of patients with tuberculosis passed away. Some call this facility downright creepy. Visitors have reported seeing ghosts, body-like shadows, and spirits crawling while tours take place. 

Where the most activity takes place is the body chute, also called the death tunnel. This is where the deceased were transported from the treatment area to the bottom portion of the hill. From here, the deceased were placed in hearses or trains for transport for burial.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


A critical battle during the Civil War took place over a 3-day period in Gettysburg. Some say that there is just a general haunted vibe that surrounds every part of the town. Cemetery Hill is where many lost their lives after believing that it was a place of safety. Locals claim that you can still smell peppermint and vanilla around the area. In this time in history, these scents were used to mask the smell of the deceased. 

Stanley Hotel in Colorado


Stephen King wrote ‘The Shining’ in this hotel. The creator of the Stanley Steam Engine, F.O. Stanly is said to haunt the hotel. According to reports, he likes to hang out in the billiard room and the main lobby. Bartenders have said that Stanley occasionally strolls through the bar area but disappears. 

New Orleans


New Orleans is known for having a “voodoo culture”, meaning that haunted spirits are not segregated to just one part of the city. Some say that the spiritual presence in New Orleans has increased since Hurricane Katrina, but that is mostly speculation, as others believe that the unrest could be from previous spirits unhappy with the destruction. The French Quarter and Marie Laveau’s grave are said to have the most spiritual presence in the city. 

Tombstone, Arizona


Like a scene out of Wild West movies, Tombstone resembles an old ghost town. In addition, there are ghosts lurking about the town. One of the most famous spiritual entities of this city is The Swamper. He was a silver thief that dug under his living space to get into silver mines. He was murdered in the area. The Bird Cage Theatre is another haunted place of interest. 

Tips for Haunted Travel Plans


Take the time to research your haunted vacation destination to make sure the reports are not more than you think you can handle. Being overwhelmed from feeling uneasy or frightened can lead to anxiety and stress – ruining your vacation. Documentaries and haunted site television episodes can be viewed about most haunted travel destinations so that you can get an idea of what you might be in for, and it is a good idea to watch any available footage ahead of time. 

Which haunted travel destinations do you want to visit?

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