5 Quick Breakfast Ideas

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Breakfast during the week, especially during the school year is likely to be something like cereal, a breakfast bar, or toaster pastries. It doesn’t take much effort to prep ingredients before bed, or make some things ahead of time, to make a better breakfast in the morning, even with very little time to do it, though.

Today I am sharing with you five quick breakfast ideas that the entire family is sure to love.

English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches


You don’t have to make each item separately and then put it together to give your kids a good breakfast sandwich before heading out the door. The easiest way to make these, especially if you have more than one child, is to use a breakfast sandwich maker. These can be healthy, slip a slice of tomato under the meat, preferably turkey sausage or turkey bacon, for a little extra nutrition.

Tip: If you have leftover pancakes or round frozen waffles, they can be substituted for the English muffin. 

Egg in a Basket Pancakes


Pancakes take only a few minutes and the batter can be made the night before. Chop fruit and add it to the pancake but crack your egg, contain it with a biscuit ring or glass, then pour the batter around it. Quickly remove the containment device you chose and the egg and pancake will join. You could use scrambled egg mixture too. 

Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits


You can make these the night before so they are ready to go in the morning. Try to include two or three different fresh fruits in the parfait. Use Greek yogurt for your base, but drizzle honey between the yogurt and fruit to help tame the bitterness of the Greek yogurt a bit.

You can serve this with homemade mini muffins, scrambled eggs, or just a glass of milk or juice. If you’re really in a hurry or wake up late, these easily become smoothies if you just add a bit of fruit juice to the mixture. 

Banana Bread French Toast


Banana bread may be considered more of an evening food item, but it makes amazing French toast. You can cut one slice into 4 or 5 sticks, which are easier for younger children to eat, before dipping them in the egg batter. It is important to cook these on all 4 sides since banana bread is already rather dense and needs a couple minutes longer to cook. Use sugar free maple syrup or make a fresh fruit reduction to put on top. 

Pick 3 Things Omelets


Kids like to make their own food decisions and moms want them to eat healthy. Lay out a few options and tell them they have to pick 3 healthy things for their omelet. You may think you don’t have time to make omelets, but you can get a combination breakfast omelet and sandwich maker, that can also make homemade waffles, and omelets are done in a couple minutes. 

These 5 ideas are great for quick, but healthy breakfast ideas for busy school mornings. Prepare ahead of time whenever possible so that mornings go a little easier.

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What’s your busy morning go-to breakfast?

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  1. Love the new site makeover and these are some good looking breakfasts. I am usually running out the door with a coffee mug and Belvita Biscuits.

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