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5 Early Holiday Preparations to Help You Prepare for the Holiday Season

5 Early Holiday Preparations  via  www.productreviewmom.com

No matter how far in advance you start or how organized your holiday plans have been, you probably still feel like you’ve forgotten something. With three major holidays so close together, you have a lot of plans to make and decorations to decide on. Some families start as early as June or July, but September seems to be a more popular month to start your holiday preparations in. Therefore, today I am sharing with you five early holiday preparations.

Create a Theme


Creating a theme can be something as simple as picking colors to work with, or picking a centerpiece to design around. In some houses, the meal itself can be the theme for all of the décor, music, and place settings. Your theme should be first on your holiday preparations list because it is your starting point.

Examine Stored Holiday Décor


Just about every family has bins of holiday décor, Christmas lights, and other decorations somewhere in the house. Take a look at the types of décor that you have and the condition of each item. Test all of your lights and electronic/animated items. Fix what you can, donate what you don’t want and replace with items within your current theme.

Create Menus


You have three holidays to plan meals for. If you count Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day as special occasions, you will have 5 meals to plan. Start with Thanksgiving and begin the menu list with your traditional items first, and then add a couple of new dishes to try with the meal. From this menu, make your shopping list for this meal far in advance when you are less stressed about it. Do the same with all of your other planned meals, it helps to do these lists when you have plenty of time.

Create Menu Shopping Lists

Keep a couple of holiday-themed note pads around the house so you can write things down as you think of them. Keep a holiday note envelope on your desk or in a safe place. Keeping these notes will help you write complete shopping lists.

Now, this might seem like an odd thing to do, but once your shopping lists are complete, label them and put them in the glove compartment of your car so that they’re never left at home. Keep a copy inside the house so you can find coupons for additional savings.

Create a Holiday Schedule

Do you really need a holiday preparation schedule? Yes, absolutely you do because it is less stressful. Set a date to put up holiday lights. Determine a cut-off date to display Thanksgiving decorations. Set a date to take down Christmas and end-of-the year holiday decorations. You can even go as far as drawing out how you want the inside and outside of your home, with dates to complete a portion of the plan.

Being this organized around the holidays may come off as being obsessive, but you will find that by following some of these tips, that you are less stressed than your friends are. Taking the time to organize yourself, create a time line, and not worry about hanging lights or frosting windows an hour before company arrives will save you some of your sanity.

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How early do you start preparing for the holidays?


  1. I am trying to figure out our Thanksgiving menu right now! I can't decide to do traditional or have apps and fun foods to munch on all day...

  2. Good for you, with it just being me and my men, the holidays are easy. We pick up Malik from Bowie and then it's all hands on deck for a big Turkey Day meal. No worries with Christmas since they are grown and don't need or want anything and are Muslims so this may be the first year that I won't put up a tree - easy for me!