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September 22, 2016

2016 Fall Color Trends – Top 6 Colors

2016 Fall Color Trends – Top 6 Colors  via  www.productreviewmom.com

According to Pantone, the color trend authority, the theme for this fall’s colors is unity of strength, confidence, and complexity. The blue family of colors is highlighted this fall. Also mixed in, for some contrast are earth tones and a couple of brighter options. What’s good about all of this fall’s color trends is that they’re all wearable by either gender. 

Airy Blue


Airy blue represents freedom and lightness. You can add this color to your home décor with trendy striped throw pillows that can easily be used year round. This light blue with a touch of gray is complementing of two other trending colors, dusty cedar, and lush meadow. 



Sharkskin is similar to charcoal gray, just a lighter version of it. It is a neutral color that can be used with any of the brighter trending colors like spicy mustard and bodacious. A few sharkskin colored pieces in your wardrobe give you at least a dozen options to create outfits with pops of color through accessories. 

Dusty Cedar


Dusty cedar symbolizes warmth, relaxation, and makes your home feel welcoming. Dusty cedar is not just for home décor, you can also find great additions to your wardrobe, makeup collection, and accessories. Around Thanksgiving, you can even paint your nails with dusty cedar glitter nail polish. Dusty cedar is similar to rose quartz but has more depth and complexity. 

Spicy Mustard


Is your taste a little exotic? Spicy mustard brings that bright pop of color that your home or wardrobe needs. It is uplifting and helps improve your mood when the fall skies are dingy and gray. You can make a great outfit from a spicy mustard top and sharkskin jacket or pants. 

Dusty cedar accents in home décor along with spicy mustard create intriguing conversation pieces in your living spaces. These colors would be ideal for smaller rooms like the bathroom to help brighten them and make them appear a little larger. 

Lush Meadow


When the landscape around you changes to yellows, reds, oranges, and browns, you can keep the spring and summer alive with lush meadow. This vibrant green color is ideal for home décor, such as throw pillows and blankets. It comes across as being somewhere in between hunter green and grass green. It is a rich green hue. 



Bodacious is a member of the purple family and is a very unexpected fall color. It is versatile and can be worn by either gender. It is a rich, bright purple color with inclusions of pink. When incorporated into your wardrobe, it can create a real fashion statement.

Have fun mixing and matching these fall trending colors in your wardrobe and home décor. If you’re into changing out your home’s accessories or bedroom linens according to season, these colors have another benefit, they’re all usable at other times of the year. The brighter colors are good for spring and the muted options fit perfectly in the winter months.

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 Which of these trending colors do you want to experiment with this fall?

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