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Here are the Shelf Life of Beauty Products that You Need to Know

One of the most frustrating things you will encounter is finally finding a makeup product you like and then hearing that they will be discontinuing it. You will have a strong desire to purchase several packages to make it last as long as possible. However, makeup can breed bacteria, which will cause skin issues to continue or worsen so it is important to know when it is best to face the situation and toss the product.

Everything Expires

Regardless of what type of makeup product you are looking at, it does have an expiration date. However, most products expiration dates will speed up after they have been used for the first time. Expiration works in two ways. The first thing you are looking at is the stability of the ingredients and the second is how quickly bacteria multiplies after it has been exposed to the air and bacteria on your skin. The initial expiration date is generally stamped onto the packaging, while the second type will depend on how you store the product.

Period after Opening Dates

Some products are stamped with some symbols that will help you determine how long the product should be kept after opening it. The symbol you are looking for is an M and then something that looks like an open jar. After this symbol, there will be a number. The M stands for months and the following number is the number of months the product can be used after opening it. Therefore, if you see a six after the jar, you should throw away your product within six months after first use.

Products Gone Bad

Sometimes products will go bad before the expiration date, so it is important to know how you can identify these before putting them on your face. The first method is by a strange smell when you open the product. However, a different consistency may be the easiest way to determine if the product is no longer good. You can also look for any signs of leakage or expansion, because this could mean that the product has gone bad even if you have not opened it.

Read Ingredients

Reading the ingredient list will help you get a good idea on the length of time it will be good after first use. Products that are water based will have the shortest shelf life, while powders will have a longer period after opening. In addition, if the products include fruit extracts, you will notice the shelf life is very short. Water offers a great environment for bacteria to grow, as does the sugar in fruit. Finally, if the product is free of preservatives, expect it to not last very long at all after you have opened it.

For the most part, mascara (and other liquid eye products) has the shortest life span and should be tossed within six months after first use. If it dries out, you will want to toss the product instead of adding water to revitalize it. Cream products have the next shortest life span at about a year. These include your foundations, concealers, highlighting pens, and so forth. Finally, your powder products and lipsticks will last up to two or three years after you have first used them. You can extend lipsticks by using a brush instead of applying the lipstick directly on your lips.

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