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Healthy Choices: What To Look For When Eating Out With Your Family

Healthy Choices: What To Look For When Eating Out With Your Family  via  www.productreviewmom.com
Guest Post by Anita Ginsberg

Eating out is a wonderful way to spend some time with family in a different setting. Unfortunately, the type of food served at restaurants is often unhealthy and filled with fat. There are a few things that can be done to help be healthier when eating out. 


Look At the Menu Beforehand

Most restaurants have menu options available on the Internet. In fact, most of them also have nutritional information for the menu items. Pick something you would like to eat before leaving the house. This way, you are less likely to get tempted by savory smells once you arrive. This also allows the whole family to pick options that fit with fitness and health goals. There are also smart phone apps available that can help track nutritional information for food purchased at restaurants. 

More Than Just Calories

Low calorie does not always indicate the best option. Salad is not always the healthiest choice. Ordering a meal that has a decent amount of protein and fiber as well as nutrients is better than assuming that the lowest calorie option is the healthiest option. A lean protein with some vegetable sides could make you feel full longer than just a salad. Just make sure the food is not fried in unhealthy oils. This adds unnecessary fat and calories to normally healthy foods.

Ask About Fresh Ingredients

Even a salad can be high in fat and calories. Salads made of raw ingredients are the best option. Ask the restaurant where they get their produce. Ingredients that are gotten fresh and locally are much better because they have higher nutrient counts. Meat that is fresh and high quality is less likely to have artificial preservatives and hormones. Restaurants that use bread products like those at Klosterman Baking Company is also a good indicator that the ingredients are high-quality.

Watch Sodium Levels

Opt for food that has been seasoned instead of salted. Trying out various ethnic food options can offer new tastes that use seasonings instead of salts. Or ask if your food can be served with low salt. Many restaurants offer food that is made to order, so this simple request is easily done. Also refrain from adding additional salt to food once the food is served. 

Being healthy does not mean that you must stop enjoying the occasional meal at a restaurant. Eating out gives the family a chance to try new foods and gives everyone a change of scenery from the dining room. Being aware of the food quality and ingredients helps to make this occasional treat something that doesn't disrupt health and fitness goals.


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