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Where to Find the Best Back to School Deals

Where to Find the Best Back to School Deals  via  www.productreviewmom.com

School will be back in session before you know it, and buying school supplies is nobody’s favorite task.  You can find some great deals, though, if you know where (and when) to shop.  Knowing where (and how) to find the best deals is essential for any parent trying to stretch their back to school budget.

Using Smartphone Apps

Nearly every store has what seem to be great sales this time of year, but those great sales are known in the retail industry as “loss leaders”.  They’re meant to draw you into the store with the well-proven idea that once you’re there, you’ll just do all your shopping at once.  One of the best ways to find back to school deals is to shop these sales and only purchase the loss leader items.  Then, move on to the next store and buy their loss leaders, and so on until you have everything you need.  If that seems like too much trouble you can try using a smartphone app that helps you compare prices between various stores without having to drive to each one.  

Anticipating Clearance Sales

If you can, buy only an outfit or two at the beginning of the school year, and shop the summer clothes, as they’ll be marked down at that time.  Near the end of September and into October, you can start shopping for fall clothing, because it will be discounted to make room for the winter clothes.  Stores are on a slightly accelerated schedule when it comes to seasonal clothing, so if you can wait a bit, you can find some really great deals on some really nice clothes.

Matching Prices

Some stores have price matching programs that allow you to save using sales from other stores.  Many stores allow customers to search for lower prices on their smartphones, and honor those prices, even if they’re listed as online-only sales.  Find the stores with the best price matching guarantees (Staples offers a 110%), then make sure you’re always checking your local ads.

Scrimping and Saving

While it’s true that preparing for back to school can be an expensive endeavor, there are some really easy ways to save a lot on the essentials.  Knowing when and where to shop is as important as knowing how to shop for bargains.  With a bit of preparation and research, back to school shopping doesn’t have to break the bank. 

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How do you find the best back to school deals?

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