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Swimsuit Styles and Trends for Moms

Swimsuit Styles and Trends for Moms  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Moms can look great at the poolside without drawing in too much unwanted attention. Every summer bathing suit trends change, but some remain timeless and are always trending. It is important to select a swimsuit style that suits your shape and is comfortable to wear at the same time. 

Swimsuit designers are getting creative with cut-outs (monokini’s). Some use a diagonal cut-out approach leaving a majority of the mid-section exposed. Some designs are created with cutouts just along the side or down the middle of a swimsuit. If you are slightly self-conscious about a couple trouble areas, but love the design of a Monokini swimsuit, consider wearing a sheer wrap or bathing suit cover up dress. 

Mixed and Matched Tankini
This summer it is all about mixing and matching patterns and colors. Tankinis are in for moms. Consider an option with a plain colored bottom and fun, printed top. Two-piece tankinis are ideal for moms who are even a little on the thick side. 

You can wear a sheer swimsuit cover up dress or tunic over a tankini if you are receiving too many stares. It is ideal to choose a sheer color option that matches the main color in the tankini for consistency.

Lingerie Inspired
Lingerie-inspired swimsuits are popular this summer. Sheer fabric, lace patterns and cut-outs combine to make a sultry swimsuit design that flatters moms in the right ways. Moms can look slightly provocative without looking undesirable. 

If you don’t feel comfortable being out like this in public with the kids, feel free to put on a romper or a cover-up dress when the kids are around. 

High Waist Swimsuits
High waist swimsuits are hot on the trending list for this summer. It is a vintage/retro look that works well for young moms. Although many designers are going with a sailor inspired theme, it is possible to find one that just features basic colors.  

Options like this are great for moms that have a little extra skin around the hip areas. The textured design hides those trouble spots very well so that you are able to walk around the pool or along the beach with absolute confidence. 

Simple One-Piece
One-piece swimsuits really do not go out of style. One color swimsuits, however, are not so trendy. Choose multi-colored, designs or floral prints and steer clear of skirted one-piece swimsuits. Skirts do nothing for your body but hide your thighs, in which you are left with an uneven tan. It does not matter if you have thicker thighs than you wish for, let them get some exposure this summer. 

Have confidence in yourself and wear your bathing suit with pride. Everyone has at least one trouble spot on their body that they are unhappy with, but you don’t have to cover it up. Be tasteful and select your swimsuit carefully. If you are unhappy with the way it looks on you, it may leave a few unwelcomed and unpleasant comments in your mind. Have fun with your kids at the beach or pool, and stay trendy at the same time. 

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What swimsuit style have you been rocking this summer?

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