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How to Cut Down those Summer Utility Bills to Save Money

How to Cut Down those Summer Utility Bills to Save Money via  www.productreviewmom.com

Utility costs rise in the summer and winter months. Preparing your home for the season several weeks in advance will help its efficiency. While there are several steps to take, each one only takes a minimal amount of time. Several weatherization projects can be completed in a single day with the help of a couple of friends. 


Circulate Air with Ceiling Fans

If you do not have ceiling fans in the most used areas of your home, consider installing energy efficient options. The blades should be set to rotate air downward in the summer months. Circulating air helps a home maintain an even temperature. As the home holds temperatures the HVAC system will run less. 

Check Windows for Leaks

This simple task can be done by anyone in the home. Take a sponge around to each window and wipe it with water. If there are any bubbles present, there is a leak either in the seal of the window or the frame itself. It is ideal to use silicone caulking around the frames of windows, and potentially where the glass meets the frame, to keep hot air outside. 

Monitor Temperature Settings

Make sure that every member of the family is made aware of the proper temperatures for the house. No one should change the temperature settings without permission. If you have young children, it is best to make sure no chairs can be pushed up to the thermostat for tiny fingers to make their own changes. 

Have The Ducts Cleaned

Part of keeping your HVAC system in proper working order is making sure that the ducts are clean. You should have the ducts cleaned at least twice per year, in the spring and fall. A professional company should be hired for this as attempting to do it yourself may leave you with clogs elsewhere in the ducting system. 

Leave the Thermostat Alone

Set the thermostat in the house to one temperature for daytime and one temperature for overnight hours. Leave the temperatures alone as constant adjustments causes the HVAC system to run more to regulate to the fluctuations. If you have a newer thermostat, program these temperatures in and password protect the interface so that it cannot be tampered with. 

Residential Window Tinting

Window tinting is not just for cars. Residential window tint is available. It is a do-it-yourself project that can be completed over a weekend. It is important to cut the tint right along the edge where the pane meets the frame. Take your time smoothing the tint on too prevent bubbles. Tinting the windows helps keep some of the heat from the sun out of the house. 

These simple projects can help drastically reduce summer cooling costs. Utility companies charge higher rates for energy when the demand is higher. Making your home as efficient as possible and setting temperature restrictions will help with efficiency and lowered utility bills. When having your duct work cleaned, it is also a good idea to schedule an air conditioning unit check-up. 

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How do you cut down the costs of your summer utility bills?


  1. My light bill has been around 140 the entire summer. I keep my air on 79 and that works for my house. I love around trees and I don't up the window for sunlight so it stays pretty much cool in my house. Great tips!

  2. Great post and tips for the summer girl! I love we have some shade trees to help us out now!

  3. My mother in law used residential window tint one the windows on one side of her house. It really has kept her house sooooo much cooler and she loves it!