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Beach Items Needed for Summer Vacation

Beach Items Needed for Summer Vacation   via  www.productreviewmom.com

Planning a vacation to a beach destination often leads to additional items being required on your packing checklist. It is important to be prepared for time in the sun. Beach towels, sandals and eye protection should be priorities on your packing list. Add these items to your packing checklist so that you are ready for fun by the water. 

Solar Mobile Device Charger

It is very easy to forget to charge your mobile devices before heading out for the day. Take a solar mobile device charger along with you. This is a fairly new item available in technology that allows consumers to charge cell phones and tablets without needing an outlet. It only needs to have direct access to sunlight, which means it could lay on your towel and charge your cell phone while you relax. 

Life Jackets for Kids

If you are taking the kids along on your beach vacation, make sure that they all have life jackets. These are far better than arm floatation devices as life jackets are designed for specific weight groups. Ensure that each child has the proper life jacket for their size as it will provide them the best protection possible in the water. 


While one of the main reasons for going to the beach is to get a tan, the sun can be damaging. Take both sunscreen and sunblock with you. Sunscreen can be used for about an hour, and then your skin needs a break. You will alternate sunblock and sunscreen to ensure that your skin does not become overly exposed to the sun’s rays. 

Ready Ice-Packs

Ready ice packs are ideal so that you can take along a few bottles of water to stay hydrated at the beach. This type of ice pack is either bent or crushed to activate the crystals inside to cool beverages. These ice packs are also great for first aid should someone have a small injury or bump. 

Aloe Spray

If it turns out that your sunscreen has failed you and your skin is a little irritated from sun exposure, aloe spray works well to calm the sting. You could also take along a bottle of plain yellow mustard, but that looks funny on the skin in public. 

Clothes that Cover your Body

Even if you have a large umbrella for the beach, you still need to protect the rest of your body. Choose loose-fitting, light colored clothes to wear for part of the day to shield your skin from the sun. The sun can dry out your skin, and even cause some forms of melanoma, so it is important to cover your body to give it a break.

It is a good idea to take along small toys for younger children like pails, shovels and containers to build sand castles. It keeps them occupied and close by so that you know where they are at all times. 

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What is your #1 beach item?

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