What Is Better For Your Kid: Indoor Or Outdoor Play?

What Is Better For Your Kid: Indoor Or Outdoor Play?  via  www.productreviewmom.com
Guest Post by Amber Clark

For a child, the most important thing is playing. Playing could be indoor and outdoor as both the experiences have something to contribute in a child’s overall development. Any kind of physical activity plays a pivotal role in laying the foundation for a healthy growth in a child’s life. Although it is a good idea to let a child involve in structured and unstructured play, in indoor and outdoor settings, it should be ensured that the settings are safe and child-friendly. The environment in which a child plays is of profound significance. For instance, the environment should be friendly and non-threatening, and the equipments should be safe and germ free.

In this article, we will discuss, learn and unlearn indoor and outdoor activities. We will try to create new perspectives on indoor and outdoor play, thereby, preparing ourselves to fully train our kids by providing them with the best possible environment for their overall growth.

Let us run through some of the benefits (physical and mental) of outdoor play to a kid!

  1. Faster Brain Development
Few of the noteworthy studies in human behavior have shown that a child’s brain develops faster while playing outdoors than for those who play indoors. In addition, children who play outdoors tend to grow as better learners, do academically well and become highly social adults. All these personality traits will make them happier. 

  1. Stimulates Creativity
When children play outside, their imaginations are free from any constraints and confinements that indoor plays offer. Being outside will make a child more imaginative and creative as there will be many more objects of interest that the child will encounter. 

  1. Enhances Overall Well-being
When a child spends more time playing outside in the open field under the sky, the child is getting natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D assists in improving mood and overall mental well-being. A child stays physically healthy too as children are more active when they are outside, which assists in development of bones. 

  1. Helps In Assessing Risks
You will find many elements that hold more risk than those found indoors. For instance, equipments in the park such as slides or play trails are riskier than play stations found at homes. However, these outside elements encourage a child to push his boundaries invariably and become good in managing risks. It helps in building high confidence levels in children.

  1. Learn Being Independent
Being outside would often mean there is no or little adult supervision, which means a child learns to develop an independent attitude while playing and interacting with other children. Little things like they learn to give and take turns while playing, to get up after a fall. These things teach them self-resilience and independence.

Other Side Of The Story!
There is a legitimate ongoing argument on how indoor plays too provide physical and mental benefits. For instance, a study has shown that children who play games such as Wii Fit and Just Dance get almost the same levels of physical exertion as children who are taking a walk outside in nature. However, one of the foremost disadvantages of indoor play is that a child misses fun and pleasure of being outside in nature. 

The level of excitement increases in a child when he is outside in a less-controlled environment as opposed to an indoor controlled environment.

Clearly, a child will reap more benefits when playing outside than indoors.

Since we have already established the importance of letting a child play outside, let us now look at the concerns of parents who prefer their kids to rather play indoors than outside:

  1. Worried Of Infections
It is quite obvious for parents to get worried about their child’s health especially when the child is playing outside. Picking up harmful germs is one of the worries of parents. It is strongly advised to parents to not let such worries hover in their mind, and instead take the right precautions to protect the health of your child. Stopping your child from playing outside is not the solution, but giving a daily shower to your child with an antifungal body wash or soap is. 

  1. Fearing Kid’s Safety
Unfortunately, we live in times when bad news outweighs the good news in media. However, as a parent, you need to fully understand how media works. Representing more of bad news (this includes child bullying, racism, and molestation) in no way means that good people don’t exist! A little adult supervision is all that your kid needs to enjoy the benefits of playing outdoors. 

Indoor and outdoor plays both come with their respective benefits. It is, however, important to note that outdoor activities hold a profound significance in the development of your child’s growth. Both, indoor and outdoor plays involve the element of fun and pleasure; however, it is the outdoor sports that will provide your child with the right training to prepare for the outside world. 

If you are still feeling overwhelmed in letting your child play outside, try to allow your child to do little things such as biking around in the vicinity, playing ball, and so forth. You won’t regret it later.

So what do you think is better?  Indoor or Outdoor play?

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