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Summer Packing Tips to Help You Pack Correctly For Warm Weather

Summer Packing Tips to Help You Pack Correctly For Warm Weather   via  www.productreviewmom.com

Packing for summer trips and days at theme parks is a little different. You do not need much variety in the clothing department as far as dressing for drastic temperature changes. It is best to create an itinerary for the trip and pack for each event or activity accordingly. It is also a good idea to book accommodations with laundry facilities available, just in case an outfit is needed a second time or becomes stained.

Check Weather Forecasts

Summer weather can be unpredictable depending on the area being visited. It is best to view the weather forecast for the area you will be visiting for the duration of your trip. You should pack clothing options, shoes and weather-related gear according to that forecast. 

Sandals and Tennis Shoes

Being comfortable is important, but so is having proper support to be able to be on your feet for multiple activities in one day. If you have a day planned for laidback walks along beaches, downtown areas and parks, a pair of sandals or flip flops is okay. Tennis shoes are best for sports activities, hiking, boating, cycling and most other outdoor activities. It is important to have at least two pairs of shoes with you and one should be appropriate for semi-formal occasions. 

Pick Fabric Types and Clothing Colors Carefully

Lightweight fabrics, like cotton, are ideal for summertime. Fabrics like silk, wool, denim and some wool blends tend to hold in heat, which can leave you feeling a little overheated. The idea of being on vacation is to be comfortable so breathable materials are ideal. Along with picking fabrics carefully, you should also keep color in mind. Dark colors and black should be avoided as much as possible as they draw in heat from the sun. Light colors and light materials will make you the most comfortable during the summer months. 

Sunscreen and Bug Repellant

Sunscreen or sunblock are required in the summer to protect your skin, prevent sun poisoning and sun burns. Women should consider purchasing makeup products that contain sunscreen to protect facial skin as well. UV rays can go right through makeup, it does not act as any kind of barrier. 

Bug repellant is important to have on-hand too. Consider the repellants that are sweat proof, waterproof and portable. Portable options can clip onto your keychain or belt loop for use whenever it is needed. 

First Aid Kits

A first aid kit should always be available. Moms can keep a quart-size storage bag in their purses with Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment wipes and medical tape to fix simple injuries. A tourniquet is also a good idea to have on-hand in the event of a serious injury or venomous animal bite. 

Make a packing list for each member of the family for your summer trip. Make it each person’s responsibility to pack according to their list. The parents should check each other’s lists and should check the children’s lists together to make sure everyone has what they need. Create a separate list for general items like snacks, entertainment and music playlists.

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What is your #1 summer packing tip?

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  1. Good tips! My tip is to use packing cubes, keeps your organized!