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Resort Wear Styles for Stylish Moms

Taking a trip to a resort is a good, relaxing vacation. You should match your travel clothing to the type of vacation that you plan on having. Resort wear styles run the scope between high end and budget, but all of them focus on relaxation. If you want to be stylish, yet have easy to pack and wear clothing, here are some ideas for what to bring to your resort. 

Linen pants

Easy to wear clothing for the entire family is one of the best style choices to make. Linen pants are excellent for everyone including men, women, and children. Drawstring straight legged linen pants are lightweight and easy to put on. You can iron and fold linen pants or put them into a garment bag for your trip. If you find that your linen pants have become wrinkled during travel, you can relax them by hanging them in the bathroom while you are taking a shower. 

Maxi dresses

One style that can be casual and dressy are maxi dresses. Appropriate for both day and night, you can wear a maxi dress by itself on the beach or when lounging around, or you can wear beautiful jewelry and a pretty nighttime makeup look to dress it up for dinner. Maxi dresses come in a number of styles and sizes, so there is something perfect for everyone. 

Loose Fitted Tank Top

When you are on a resort you need space to move around freely. You may also be looking for a shirt that can be forgiving of any extra weight that you may put on from trying out all of those restaurant hot spots. If you want a forgiving yet pretty top, a loose fitted tank top is a great choice for resort wear. Match all of your pants with solid colored loose fitted tank tops, for an easy to pair together outfit. These can be just above your belt or sit below your waist for styling with pants. 


While some people would consider sandals the best resort wear, loafers actually best match a number of outfits. If you tend to burn in the sun, your will most likely be affected, as they are easily scorched in the hot sun. In order to protect your feet and walk around more easily, bring along a pair of loafers on your next resort vacation. If you plan to take these near the pool, go with a neutral leather loafer rather than a suede. 

Off the Shoulder Kaftan

If you want to dress up while dressing down, you should wear a one shoulder kaftan. Kaftan dresses work for women who are very petite to plus size. One shoulder kaftans can make your outfit a little more alluring for those nights out. Solid colored kaftans pair well with bold necklaces and pretty up-dos, while kaftans that feature patterns work well with loose beach waves and pretty sandals. The best thing about a kaftan is that you can easily throw these over your swimsuit if you want to take a dip later on.

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What do you like to wear when you are at a resort?

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