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Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Break to Make Life Easier

Must-Have Gadgets for Summer Break to Make Life Easier via  www.productreviewmom.com

Summer break means that everyone is home more. This means that my kids are going to fight over charging locations, devices and just about anything under the sun. So, to take some of the frustration away, I found some gadgets that just make life easier with more people in the house more often.

Multi-Port Charging Station

Each child has a tablet. Of course, they all need to be charged at the same time and everyone wants the same outlet. You can cure that with a multi-port USB charging station that holds 7 devices, from tablets to cell phones. It has a rack to organize them and allow each one a stable charging position.

The fighting over who is charging their device/s first will stop. This works great when you go on vacation too. Hotel rooms rarely have enough outlets to charge all of our electronics these days.


I typically do not buy trend products so quickly, but the Fitbit can really help you stay on top of your workouts. You can track your progress, the number of steps you take daily and you can quickly check to see just how lazy you have been on a specific day. The ability to sync your stats helps you compare your numbers with some of your friends to see who is staying on top of their fitness goals for 2016.

Cutting Machine Set

When the kids are on summer break, they get bored easily. This typically means that having a weekend gathering or impromptu sleepover is going to happen. If you like to keep them busy with craft projects, you will love a cutting machine kit for graphic designers. It lets the kids create shapes in a variety of colors. They are not limited to just paper. The Silhouette Cameo cuts vinyl, cardboard and fabric. This is great for when girls want to add fabric patches to their jeans.  

The Cameo also comes in handy for school projects, party invitations, scrapbooking materials and posters for the kids’ rooms.

Portable USB Turntable

Sometimes you just want to feel a little nostalgia from your younger years. If you are a classic rock fan, you know that the best way to listen to classic rock is on an old vinyl record. The thing is, record players are really a thing of the past, so they are a bit hard to find. However, the USB compatible option from Crosley that works great.

It is compact, so you can store it under a coffee table or in the closet when you are not using it. It also travels well. You can take it on weekend getaways and be able to listen to some of your favorite classic bands to make the time away even more relaxing.

My family has had a lot of fun with gadgets during summer. I get more done and there is less arguing amongst the children. We have a lot of fun on rainy days too because of all of the wonderful summer gadgets available. Creativity time really seems to get my kids to focus and not bother each other. 

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What is your family’s favorite summer gadget?

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