Father's Day Must-Have Gadgets

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Dads work hard all year long to provide for their families. A Father’s Day gift is just a small token of your appreciation for all that he does for the family. Gifts adding convenience to his life are ideal, as are fun gifts that were purchased in jest following a minor mishap. He may get a kick out of having a gadget to prevent a dead cell phone or forgotten child-related activity. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Dad may want to listen to some music while working in the yard or on the family car. Taking a stereo outside is not ideal. There are Bluetooth enabled speakers that can stream Wi-Fi music from the computer to a location just outside the house. 

Multi-Tool with Magnet

Dad may have a lot of tools, but a multi-tool that offers several screwdriver heads and magnet tips is ideal. When fixing toys, the family car or even an appliance, tiny screws can slip through the cracks where fingers can’t reach. 

Pocket-Size Light

A pocket size LED light that fits on dad’s keychain or in the console of the car is ideal. LED lighting is more reliable and often lasts more than 20 years. This is a handy gift for finding tools in a dark tool box, changing a tire in the dark, navigating the house or checking on the kids after they fall asleep. Some of these lights also have USB charging ports built-in. 

NuWave Oven

The NuWave Oven is a practical gift for dad that will make him seem like a seasoned chef. There are times that dad will be responsible for making dinner. This is a “set it and forget it” device that does everything for him. There are no rotations needed. Dad can cook and provide a healthy meal for the family any day of the week. 

Tablet with Wi-Fi

When families do not have separate devices to access the Internet, the parents get the least amount of time on the computer. If dad has his own tablet, he won’t be shooing the family away from the computer to check stocks, sports scores or see who tagged him on social media in a funny photo. 

Solar Charger

Men are known for neglecting to charge their cell phones. Providing dad with a solar charger that just requires a window to stick it to is a good option. He can charge his cell phone at work, in the car or even on a plane. Dad would be left without a reason for a dead cell phone. 

Flic Button

The Flic button is a gift for dad that should be given in jest but with good intention. It lets dads program tasks into it and alerts are sent to Bluetooth enabled devices as reminders. It will be impossible for him to forget to pick someone up from sports practices, after school events or forget someone’s birthday. 

Make sure you find something for dad that he will use. Think of what he complains about and find a gift that remedies that. Gifts of use are appreciated more by men than items that sit on a shelf or are only watched. 

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What will you be purchasing for Father's Day?


  1. I have to tell you that I want the NuWave Oven in my house! I can totally see myself using that! :)

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