Tips: How to Spring Clean Your Life

Tips: How to Spring Clean Your Life  via
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I’m currently transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle.  I’m working towards clearing all my spaces including, life, work space, and daily routines.  What better way to start than spring cleaning and I’m sharing my journey towards minimalism with you!

Purge your closet.   Yes purge!  Get rid of anything that does not fit well or that you do not like you may just hold on to it for sentimental reasons.  Let it go!  You will still have the memory I promise!

Truthfully we all get emotionally attached to objects we create a connection between the object and the memories associated with it. Time goes on, and we continually add more and more of these items and which often times unusable.  These things are only making clutter in your life.

Now is the perfect time to clear out your closet space and make room for some new things in your life. One principle I practice is not purchasing any new clothing, shoes, or beauty products until I have gotten rid of something I already have.

You can apply these same principles to spring cleaning your office or work area.  Studies show that working with tons of clutter in your space makes it harder to focus.  Separate things that you need from the things that can be filed away or tossed out.  By all means keep the items needed for your records!  To organize your space, I suggest a Bankers Box to file them neatly away.

Spring clean your routine is easy as 1 2 3.  My suggestion includes creating daily, weekly, or monthly plans, or To Do lists containing a listing of you need to get done.   Check the completed action items off your To Do list each day and make any adjustments.   You can also create a morning routine that helps maximize your time.  I’ll share my morning routine with you for a little inspiration.

3am- Wake Up

3:15am- Gym

4am- Shower

4:20am- Getting dressed

4:50am- Tea

5am- Checks Day Planner

5:15am- Off To Work

Once you stick with a routine for about a week, it becomes a habit!

Do you have a morning routine or any Spring cleaning tips to share?  Please share in the comment section.  Thanks for reading!  



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  1. I am working on that too. I love minimalism but I am a work in progress. And wow wake up at 3am? O MY! I could never. I have to have 7 hours.

    1. Also it's been proven it takes 21 days to form a new habit well. :-) SO I would work on the new for a total of 21 days at least.

    2. Thanks Suzie! The 3am wake up is a habit! Now it's nearly impossible for me to sleep in. :)

    3. 3am is early for me too. My day starts off at 6am.

      I'm starting to live a minimalist life as well. I can't stand clutter, it makes me not function well.

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