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Memorial Day Weekend Essentials to Help Keep You Organized

Memorial Day Weekend Essentials to Help Keep You Organized  via  www.productreviewmom.com

Most families take advantage of having an extra day off and plan a cookout. It is a good idea to make the festivities a pot luck situation and keep a list of what everyone is bringing. This cuts down your expenses and leaves less things for you to forget to prepare. Make sure you have the essentials on-hand by creating a checklist to help keep you organized. 

Today, I am sharing with you some of the basic Memorial Day weekend essentials so you can be covered.

Grilling Supplies

Grilling is popular on Memorial Day since the weather in most of the U.S. is nice enough to enjoy time outside. It is a good idea to purchase twice the amount of charcoal that you think you need, an extra grill brush and heavy-duty aluminum foil. If you use wood, ensure that you have extra on-hand for grilling items longer on lower heat settings. 

Bags of Ice

It is unlikely that you have enough room in your freezer for extra ice or enough trays to make enough ice. Purchase bags of ice to keep in a chest freezer for chilling drinks. Extra bags of ice should be purchased to use in beverage storage tubs to keep them chilled. 

Disposable Dishes and Silverware

Other than your serving utensils, everything else should be disposable to reduce dirty dish clutter and the potential for broken dishes. You can serve food in disposable containers, which are also okay for storage in the refrigerator if there are leftovers. When deciding how much to purchase, figure 3 of each utensil, 2 bowls, two plates and 3 napkins per guest. 


Create a beverage list before going shopping for supplies. You should offer a variety of drinks, including adult beverages for those that enjoy a cold beer or mixed drink in a cookout atmosphere. 

Drink options to consider:

  • Bottled water

  • Natural juices for children

  • Clear sodas 

  • Sodas for mixers and general consumption

  • Fruit-based adult beverage mixers

  • Coffee

  • Iced Tea

It is important to have sugar-free and non-caffeinated options available as some do have dietary restrictions. Catering to all of your guests is important. 

Kid-Friendly Foods

Kids are picky eaters, so plan a few menu items just for them. Sliders are small enough for children to hold in their hands. Consider raw vegetables, fruit and a small dessert option for them like cupcakes. Try to plan a couple of side dishes like macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes as those are popular among children too. 

Designated Driver

If your Memorial Day plans involve consuming alcoholic beverages, make sure that you have a designated driver. This person will remain sober to make sure that you and/or family/friends make it home safe. Most local areas will have DUI checkpoints in place so it is safer to plan ahead. 

Enjoy Memorial Day safely and responsibly with family and friends. Think about entertainment for your gathering too. Music and movies for the kids will keep everyone entertained. Lawn games like cornhole, volleyball and horseshoes are fun activities that can actually be turned into tournaments for a little friendly competition. Prizes may be considered for winning teams to make it a little more fun.

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Will you be grillin' it up during Memorial Day Weekend?

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