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Memorial Day Getaway Ideas

Memorial Day Getaway Ideas   via  www.productreviewmom.com
Our Getaway Trip to Orlando, Florida

With most of the United States having a 3-day weekend over the Memorial Day holiday, it is a great opportunity to plan a getaway. You do not have to travel across the country or take a long road trip. Some getaways may be right in your backyard, but you haven’t had the time to explore them yet. The idea of booking a getaway is to go somewhere that is relaxing, entertaining and a different type of scenery than what you are used to. 

Now, let’s get started when some Memorial Day getaway ideas. 

Le Roux Creek Inn & Vineyards

If you want a romantic Memorial Day getaway for you and someone special, Le Roux Creek Inn & Vineyards in Colorado is an good option. You can wake up in the morning, open the curtains and look out at the beautiful West Elk Mountains. This is a quaint bed and breakfast with only 5 rooms. It is meant to be your sanctuary away from home for pure relaxation when you have an extra day added to your weekend.

WhiteGate Inn & Cottage

In North Carolina, a quiet Memorial Day weekend getaway can be taken at WhiteGate Inn & Cottage. It is located in Asheville, which is close to entertainment, parks, museums and shopping. Women can enjoy some pampering with salon and spa treatments while men can enjoy nature, watching sports or renting off-road vehicles for a little extra fun. 

Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Fremont Street areas are bustling with people, entertainers, celebrities and activities. Circus Circus is a good hotel for families as it does offer a small amusement park on its grounds. But do note Circus Circus is a older hotel, so don't expect 5 star quality.  Family-friendly entertainment is around nearly any corner in Sin City. Take in a show or watch the hourly shows on Fremont Street via The Fremont Street Experience. 

Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast

Situated in Wilamette Valley, Oregon, the Wine Country Farm Bed & Breakfast has tremendous views of the Cascade Mountains. The bed and breakfast is located on a working farm with Arabian horses and grape vines. Visitors can go for hikes, horseback rides, tour the farm and experience what life in the country is like.

Grand Isle, Vermont

Grand Isle, Vermont is located on an island with views of the causeway to Canada. The causeway is a bridge over Lake Champlain. Nearby is Burlington, where the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream headquarters is. Tours and tastings are available there. Dozens of open flea markets and swap meets are scheduled on weekends around Grand Isle. Stop by The Green Frog gift shop for unique gifts for friends and families like solid chocolate “cow pies”. 

Memorial Day weekend getaways don’t have to be tourist destinations. Sometimes, a quiet getaway is just what is needed to recharge, enjoy the extra day off from work and do whatever comes to mind. One of the benefits of an impromptu getaway is that you don’t have to do anything at all if you don’t want to. You can easily book a nice room and stay there if you wish. A getaway is supposed to be an opportunity to relax, recharge and center yourself. 

What will you be doing for Memorial Day?


  1. Hi Lou, I'll be going to NYC the day after Memorial day. I've been to NYC many times but I'm going with a girlfriend and it's her first time. I plan have a blast! I'm sure we be touring, shoppers, catching a play on Broadway and all the other fun stuff.

    1. I never been to NYC before, it's on my travel bucket list. Have lots of fun, and blog about it too. I'd love to know the places you went to.

      We are headed out of town too on a mini road trip.

  2. This year I am going to stay put and the kids and I are going to pig out and visit others and get their food this year. Since I am saving for Disney I need to make sure I don't spend on anything else

    1. Hey, now that's the way too do it. I love to go to other people's houses and pig out.

      Since you're a blogger, did you know you can get free tickets with Disney?